True story: A 7-year-old kidnapped in Guangdong province found his biological father 13 years later while eating raw oysters by the roadside

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The two men hugging and crying are a father and son who have been separated for 13 years.Seeing this time, many people will think that the son is a soldier, because of the needs of the army and his father separated for so long, but in fact, he is a victim of human trafficking.Thirteen years ago, my seven-year-old son was celebrating his birthday with his mother. His father and sister were away from home due to work.So there was only mother and son left in the house.Although the mother suffered from mental retardation for some reasons, it did not hinder her love for her son. A large table was full of dishes that his son loved, especially the plate of fried oysters.However, while the mother and daughter are enjoying a rare moment, two strange women suddenly enter their home.”I’ve found you.”The couple claimed to be from their mother’s side of the family, and the mentally handicapped mother, believing them to be true, greeted them warmly.After the four people had eaten enough, the strange woman proposed to go shopping together, but also with delicious food and beautiful clothes to coaxed the young children, finally, the mother and son were taken to a bus by two women, changed the fate of later.Now, although the father has found his son, but his wife still does not have any news, can only put all hope on the police.How did the old man find his son, one might ask?Don’t worry, the new friend click on the attention, let us understand the whole story from the beginning.Abducted children called li, born in 1997, was born in a town in guangdong maoming, in if memory, his house is near the south China sea, and often go to the beach with friends to play, so the family of food also often appear some seafood, among them, if love most is my parents Fried oysters, salty taste of fresh and crisp taste,Xiao Li fell in love with this food.Xiao Li’s family thought they would live a peaceful life as normal people, until he was seven years old when the accident, it changed their family.In fact, when the two women took Xiaoli and her mother to the station, the silly mother seemed to suddenly understand something, and kept pulling Xiaoli with her hands, saying: “Go go go go go.”However, now xiao Li is only a seven-year-old child, he thinks his mother told him to go quickly means to quickly follow the two women, in case they regret.However, when Xiao Li was taken by one of the women to a place full of broken tile-roofed houses, he realized that something was wrong and frantically shouted for his mother, who had already been taken by another woman to unknown places.At this moment, a man on a motorcycle stopped in front of Xiao Li, learning that he was a lost child, and looking for his mother, patted his chest and said, “Follow me, little friend, AND I will make sure you find your mother.”So Xiao Li fell for it, got on the man’s motorbike and was taken to a more remote location.In if missing 13 years, father Li Sheng male looking for his son and his wife all the time, however, because he himself is only an ordinary worker, a monthly salary is just enough for family’s normal life, so, just a few months, old li has spent all his savings, but money is never give up to find an excuse for his wife and children,Just like in the movie “Lost and Lost”, a father will set out to find his wife and children no matter what hardships he is going through.Therefore, in order to find his wife and son, Lao Li first sold his house to fund his search for his wife and son. However, after a while, he ran out of money to sell the house. In desperation, Lao Li had no choice but to sell a few acres of land in his family to continue to fund his future.When the neighbors saw Lao Li’s behavior, they also didn’t understand him. “Lao Li, you sold your house. Where will you live when they come back?”After being silent for a while, Lao Li said slowly but firmly, “When they come back, home is everywhere.”Yes, in Lao Li’s mind, no matter how good his life was, if he lost his wife and children, there would be no real home anywhere, just a house at most.But as long as his wife and children come back, no matter how shabby the house he lives in, it is also his most warm harbor.Later, he used all the money from the land sale to find his wife and daughter.In the meantime, Lao Li went to different schools to look for his son, who was old enough to go to school, and the family would have sent him to school even if the son had been sold by human traffickers.When the principal learned of Lao Li’s request, they all offered corresponding convenience and took him from classroom to classroom, but the miracle did not appear.In 2007, having spent all his savings and left nothing to sell, Lao Li did not know what to do and turned to the police, hoping to find his son with their help.At this time, xiao Li had been bought home by a Family surnamed Ye in Guangdong, and named the child Ye Fengqiang.Although Xiao Li’s adoptive parents have done their due responsibilities as parents, but Xiao Li is still full of his family, after all, he was already 7 years old at this time, the brain has a certain idea, so, even if the adoptive parents to him again, he still put on a set of attitude.Not only did I drop my bowl at dinner, but I often thought of various ways to escape the house.However, every time he escaped, he was caught by his family and locked in the house to prevent him from running away again.As the sun sets again and again, Xiao Li slowly feels the kindness of his adoptive parents and gradually ADAPTS to the present life.But for him, adjusting to life doesn’t mean forgetting his home and still constantly asking for news of his family.At the age of 13, Xiao Li gave up his studies and began to go out to work. In his mind, as long as he left this sad place, he might find his own home in the future.Xiao Li, who turned 18 in 2015, has been working outside for more than five years, during which time he has repeatedly appeared on maps in different coastal cities, as he remembers playing by the sea as a child.But the result is always failure.One day, a friend of Xiao Li told him that now the network is very developed, he often watch some programs to find relatives, every time to see the scene of family reunion can not help but shed tears, so that Xiao Li can also send their own information for help through the network.Hearing this, Xiao Li filled in his information on a website, but the result was disappointing.In 2016, if at this time has come to work in yunnan wenshan, in one evening after work, if suddenly saw a sell by the side of the road – Fried oysters, mind suddenly recalled this is your favorite food as a child, probably because hungry, or because want to home, if ordered a their favorite Fried oysters, but when he enjoy the taste of Fried oysters,Feel very familiar with, immediately seize the boss: “boss, do you know me?My name is Li Risheng.”The boss looked at the strange young man and shook his head blankly. “Why do you ask, young man?””I was abducted by a human trafficker when I was young, and I couldn’t find my own home, but your fried oysters reminded me of home, and I mistook you for my family.””Then you can go to Maoming, Guangdong province. I learned my craft there. It is a special feature there.”After getting this news, Xiao Li went to the police station directly, explained his situation and clues to the police, the police learned this news, is also very important, immediately took the corresponding measures.While waiting for news, Xiao Li could not sleep or eat, because this was the closest he had ever been to finding his home. Every day he hoped the police would bring him good news.In a few months later, finally in the guangdong industry maoming police found the two men called Li Sheng male, one of them is very confused, said he didn’t know what’s born day, while another Li Sheng male performance is very exciting, squatting on the ground crying, more than the mouth also constantly muttered “son, my poor son”.Seeing the game, the policeman quickly pulled out a photo of Xiao Li and asked, “Uncle, do you know this young man?”When Lao Li saw the photo, his body trembled uncontrollably. He grabbed the photo and tears kept falling down his face, saying, “Son, this is my son, the son I have been looking for for 13 years!”To confirm the authenticity of the story, police immediately compared the two genetic samples, the results showed that Lao Li is indeed xiao Li’s biological father.When the police showed up with Xiao Li, the two embraced each other excitedly, which led to the scene at the beginning of the article.In order to celebrate this happy event, the local police specially set up a ceremony, let Xiao Li fair and square family identity, it is worth mentioning that one of the dishes on the wedding banquet, is the li family father and son of fried oysters.Later, the police also under the clues provided by Xiao Li, successfully captured several traffickers, without them, Xiao Li’s family would not have suffered such suffering, they will certainly receive severe punishment from the law.This is the end of the story. Hopefully in the future, all traffickers will be caught in one net and all families will be reunited.