See the snow?To experience the most beautiful small slow train in Qinling

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On February 8, snow covered the Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi Province, attracting many tourists to enjoy the snow.Baocheng Line, operated by Xi ‘an Passenger Section of China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau Group Co., LTD., has become the preferred mode of transportation for the qinling Snow and ice travel with its low ticket price and convenient round-trip on the same day.At 10 o ‘clock that day, no. 6,063 small local train left baoji station, qinling station all the way.In car no. 3, six-year-old Cui Zixuan leaned over the window, looking out of the window curiously at the changing snow scene.”Were there many skiers when we got there?How big is the snow?I want to have a snowball fight with the kids, and then make a snowman…”Cui Zixuan kept asking questions to his mother and grandmother.The train was full of passengers, and the conductor was constantly bringing water, taking temperatures and putting out luggage.See Cui Zixuan exposed a pair of lovely dimples, the passenger party Tao Tao next to the small zixuan: “children, in a short time to the Winter Olympics’ Qinling sub-competition ‘, let’s race skiing, cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics, ok!””Good!Good!Let’s cheer for the Winter Olympics!Come on!”Cui Zixuan had been holding the small shovel to play with the snow in his hand and smiled more happily.The reporter learned that this trip from Baoji station to guangyuan station from the 6063 small slow train, the Qinling mountains along the key landscape have stops.One way from Baoji station to Qinling station takes more than an hour, and the fare is only 3 yuan.Since the Spring Festival transport, the snow let the Qinling Mountains present a new scene, snow song hanging, powder jade build by laying bricks of snow fairy tale world, let a batch of tourists linger.In order to meet the people to the Qinling snow demand, Xi ‘an Bureau Group Company Xi ‘an passenger section closely around the popular snow scenic spots, from the crew selection, service etiquette training, epidemic prevention and control measures to implement advance planning, to create a “small slow car snow strategy”.At the same time, apply to increase the capacity, add k5445/6 train from Baoji station to Liangdang Station, relieve the pressure of small slow train transportation, provide warm, quality and safe service for the passengers enjoying the snow.Recently, the surge of tourists who come to enjoy the snow by small slow train has also brought business opportunities to fengxian county and other places at the southern foot of the Qinling Mountains. With the help of regional advantages, they have combined the snow and ice tour with the national fitness, and carried out mass snow and ice sports according to local conditions.Visitors can enjoy the charm of snow and ice sports by participating in sledding competitions, snow tug of war, snowball throwing and snow curling competitions.How do I take the local train?This train, qinling along the key landscape have stops, Baoji to Qinling, one-way ticket price as long as 3 yuan, Baoji station at 10:00, 11:15 can arrive at Qinling station, return, Qinling station at 17:35, 19:04 can arrive baoji station.K4258, carrying more than 1,200 migrant workers, left Ziyang Railway Station at 23:13 on February 8 and headed for Shanghai, marking the start of another year of migrant work.It is understood that the hinterland of Qinling and Pakistan has more than 200,000 people working in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places.Since 1999, every year after the Spring Festival, China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. xuanhan railway station has set up a special train for migrant workers to serve local people.Up to now, the special train for migrant workers has been running for 24 years, with a total of more than 700 trips.K4258 “special train for migrant workers” covers Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces, serving 13 counties and cities such as Xuanhan, Wanyuan and Hanzhong, and is called “special train for getting rich” by fellow villagers along the route.This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. launched a “point-to-point” train operation plan based on the travel needs of migrant workers, so that migrant workers can safely and timely return to work.The reporter understands, in order to facilitate smooth return migrant workers return to work after the Spring Festival every year, xi ‘an bureau of China railway group co., LTD will advance organization personnel and local people club bureau, enterprises make docking, fully understand the personnel flow, quantity, travel demand, actively deal with migrant workers group business, establishing a precise transport organization plan,Special train for migrant workers is adopted to transport local workers who have returned to work to their posts to reduce the trouble and fatigue of migrant workers’ transfer.In view of the phenomenon of concentrated travel of migrant workers, China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has opened exclusive channels for migrant workers, set up special waiting areas for guidance, and recruited volunteers to strengthen publicity and guidance.Set up free supply points for emergency epidemic prevention materials, and give disposable emergency masks, disinfection wipes, epidemic prevention manuals and other love emergency epidemic prevention kits to returning workers.At the same time, strictly implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control requirements do not relax, will advance to the waiting room, station, station channel key areas such as shoppers, active docking local epidemic prevention departments, more resources to speed up the stops working group test and green code inspection take points area waiting, period of time ticket, car boot service way,Ensure safe, convenient and fast travel for migrant workers’ groups.It is understood that in order to facilitate a large number of workers in the hinterland of Qinling-Pakistan to transfer to the outside, China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. in the existing hanzhong from the direction of Beijing west, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other trains on the basis of additional passenger trains, the implementation of emU reconnection and other measures to expand passenger train capacity.From February 4 to 22, the daily hanzhong (Xuanhan) to Shenzhen East K4136 train;From February 5th to 21st, train K1322 from Hanzhong to Suzhou and train K4564/1 from Ankang to Guangzhou will be added every day.Since February 6, additional K4258/5 will be operated from Xuanhan to Shanghai every other day, and 2 pairs of emUS from Ankang to Xi ‘an will be reconnected.Since February 3, 22 special trains for migrant workers have been in operation, facilitating the safe return of tens of thousands of migrant workers.Article/picture: Xi ‘an Press all media chief reporter Liang Fan Synthesis: Xi ‘an Railway information editor: Mia Review: Peng Peng, Wen Yue produced: Xi ‘an press media Group