An impostor, a fake monk, gets rich and powerful

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There was a man in Zhejiang province named Jin Sida. He had a sore on his head when he was young. All his hair was removed and never grew back.Not a very good image, but very smart.When he was seven or eight years old, he could recite 300 Poems of the Tang Dynasty and form a sentence with people. Therefore, he was called a prodigy.Jin Sida grew up to 18 years old, is more intelligent, hundreds of history, Guomucheng chant, copy famous calligraphy, almost can reach the point of indistinguishable from the real.He is naturally the apple of his parents’ eye.But gold sida is very treacherous, perfunctory parents on the surface, but secretly unprofessional.After waiting for jin Sida to get married, parents die one after another, more unfettered, mix with rascal all day, give advice for rascal people, eat and drink piao wager, do anything.Within a few years, everything was gone.Jin Sida also hit relatives and friends of the idea, borrow, cheat, cheat.Friends and family were shunned.So it went on for a few more years, and I couldn’t go on any longer.The wife scolded him all day long.Jin Sida angry, entrusted his wife to a friend to look after, went out.Jin Sida was wandering around. One day, he met a monk on the road. He fell to the side of the road drunk as mud, with his luggage beside him.Jin Sida frowned and got a plan in his mind. He took the monk’s mantle and put on another cassock. He saw that the name of the Dharma was Wuzhen.So, in a twinkling of an eye, Jin Sida became a true monk, begging for a living everywhere.After staying in Henan, he was put to the temple of Great Assistance to State, where most of the temple was destroyed by fire.The abbot monk has asked for a way to practice velvet antler, but no one has offered it yet.Jin sida watched carefully for a few days and, sensing an opportunity, wanted to stay.The abbot asked, “What are you good at?”Jin Sita replied, “I am a rough monk. I can neither read nor read, but I can clean, cook and make tea.”After jin Sida stayed, he worked hard and never complained.Whenever the abbot asked him to go to town to buy something, he would always ask the wise monks of the temple to write out the purchase order for him, the unit price and the total amount.The accounts are perfectly clear when we come back, and there’s never been a mistake.The abbot loves Jin Sida very much. The monks in the temple also think jin sida is simple and honest, but they pity him for being stupid and illiterate.Gold sida also deliberately pretend silly look, so that we do not suspect him.After half a year of this, all the monks thought that Monk Wuzhen was really a stupid and incompetent monk.Jin Sida then quietly hid the purple and gold robe under the burnt Buddha seat.One morning jinsita, wearing a pila and purple cassock, was sitting in the main hall, chanting sutras.When the monks in the temple saw this, they rushed to the abbot and told him, “No, Monk Wuzhen has gone mad.”He smiled and told the abbot what Jin Sida looked like.The abbot hurried to watch.Seeing the abbot coming, Jin Sida stood up slowly and said, “Disciple Buddha aims at his body and does not dare to salute master.The abbot asked what was the matter.Jin Sita replied, “At midnight last night, my disciple dreamed that Shakyamuni Buddha descending to earth told him that the revival of the Monastery depends on you and that he should do his utmost to raise money for good karma.Feeling foolish, the disciple refused, saying that only the master could do it.The Buddha smiled, touched the top of his disciple’s head, and gave me a five-colored bead and told me to swallow it. He said, ‘After you take this relic, you will understand all the Dharma. I have a positive transformation mantle under my seat, and I also give it to you, so as to win the trust of the world.His disciples searched around and found a purple and gold mantle. They asked master to accept it and put forth the Buddha dharma.Please ask master to call on the donors and read the list of disciples to collect good karma.”The monks in the temple were very surprised when they saw the demented Monk suddenly become clever and heard what he said.Believers and ordinary people in the neighborhood soon gathered in their thousands to watch.Jin Sida then called the monks in the temple to lay down hard yellow paper, pick up the pen to everyone to write thin, I saw to write like running clouds and flowing water, writing fresh, and the holy order similar, and the pen force end strength, and like many pagodas.Scholar-officials saw, also very admire, believers and women all tears praise, hail the living Buddha.At that time, scrambling to give good karma.In less than a month, more than 200,000 taels of silver had been distributed.Therefore, they asked the local buddhist soil doctor to preside over the restoration of the temple.The person in charge of repairing the temple calculated that the money was enough, but he did not have the necessary resources to buy such a big wood.Jin Sida said, “I have the wisdom to follow all directions. It is not difficult to buy trees only if there are giant trees in Shu Mountain. It is just not easy to carry them.The abbot in the temple said, “If you want to carry great divine power, you must be a living Buddha.”Jin Sida pretended to refuse again and again, the abbot had to kneel down.Jin Sida hurriedly raised the abbot to his feet and said, “Disciple is condemned to death. I will have a try.”Then he said, “Let us exchange 200,000 taels of silver for a light treasure, so that the disciple can go it alone and achieve this good result.”Everyone agreed to change it into jewelry and give it to Jin Sida.Jin Sida’s heart is happy.But he took the jewels and left without showing a sign.As soon as he left Henan, he took off his cassock, resumed his vulgar dress, hurried day and night into the capital, and changed all the treasures into silver. At that time, the imperial court opened a donation to sell the official, And Jin Sida donated the money to the governor of an official with his native place and name.Therefore, the emperor called into the palace to see, the answer is flowing, the emperor is very like.Therefore, handed over to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, supplementing the governor of Min.Jin Sida at this time much money big official, then back home to show off, chariots and horses, surrounded by people, is very scenery.Local county officials also hosted banquets.For a time, relatives and friends competed for honor, Jin Sida gave money one by one, people just praised Jin Sida’s writings and calligraphy, but did not talk about his rogue fraud.Jin Sida was satisfied and took his wife to his appointment.The abbot of daxiangguo Temple in Henan province and the faithful waited day and night for The great Assistance of Jin Sida to send the great timber. However, there was no news from him for a long time. 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