Wifi allows you to control everything from space travel to cooking and washing dishes.

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How far can VR remote-controlled robots go?A humanoid robot at CES 2022 answers:”Anywhere” is the Beomni 1.0 robot developed by Beyond Imagination, which made its debut at CES 2022. The developers claim that it can be remotely controlled Anywhere in the world, as long as WiFi is available!To see what it can do, open a bottle of Coke, poured into the cup: cut vegetables, eggs, seconds into the chef: flexible fingers pinch a pinch of salt into the bowl: began to cook: power and flexibility, in the nursing home test Beomni 1.0 robot body long like this:No legs, all on four wheels, remotely controlled via Wi-Fi and 5G connections, the arms and upper body can be controlled by humans via VR remote controls.The most striking is the Showa sF-style design.The robot is equipped with stereo vision equipment, and wearing VR gloves and headphones, it’s like the soul has stepped into the robot, and you can see and hear the environment of the robot.Beomni 1.0 can lift objects up to 16 kilograms.Not only is it powerful, it can perform a variety of delicate tasks. In addition to cooking, opening coke bottles, it can even inject prosthetics: Open doors, do carpentry:Developers have already tested Beomni 1.0, which was tested at a nursing home in Colorado — over three days, it took elderly people’s temperatures, checked throats with tongue depressors and even danced with patients to cheer them up.Dr. Harry Kloor, founder of Beyond Imagination, said, “I want to remotely control Beomni 1.0 to accompany my 92-year-old mother, who is about 1,600km away, so that it can cook for her, fetch her pills, accompany her to the garden…”In the sky also can be remote control in addition to take care of the elderly and daily tasks, Beomni 1.0 robot can move in the sand, snow, mud, so can work in the warehouse, picking fruit and perform electrical maintenance and other dangerous tasks, but also to help in microgravity and other challenging environment for scientific experiments.In other words, Beomni 1.0 can also be remote-controlled from the sky!Beyond Imagination, in partnership with Zero-G, has deployed a customized version of the robot that can conduct experiments aboard a Zero-G aircraft while the experimenter stays safely on the ground.Using Beomni’s low-latency remote video feed and natural controls, the pilot will be able to manipulate the robot from a distance, as if the pilot himself were actually on the plane.The robot can run for four hours on a single charge, a capacity that will soon increase to eight hours.Company founder Harry Kloor told The Daily Mail that the robot currently costs about $1,48,000, but will drop to about $67,000 once it goes into mass production.Developers behind the story Beomni 1.0 robot behind, there is a moving story.Dr. Harry Kloor, who developed the robot and founded the company, was born with a leg disability. Doctors said he could not walk, run or play with other children, but his mother did not believe in fate. From day one, she never gave up on him and sought treatment.During these difficult years, while Harry’s mobility was still limited, he would dream about how to leave his body and live in a robot so that he could do what he wanted.In the robot, he saw an opportunity to increase his mobility and finally get rid of the body that was holding him back.As an adult, Harry became a scientist and a physicist, earning two Doctorates in two different disciplines.His childhood desire to create a robot never changed, and a robot like this could solve not only Harry’s childhood problems, but also many of the world’s problems.