So inspiring. She was a stripper for 13 years, and now she’s a UFC fight star

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It is well known that in many countries in Europe and America, strip clubs are legal and there are many dancers working in the whole industry.However, stars and rich people from this industry are rare, if not forced by life, who would like to go astray.The biggest star in the industry is Dita Vantis, who wrote in her 2018 autobiography, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, never be a second-rate version of somebody else.”She is the ex-wife of the rock devil Manson, worth more than 1 billion, known as the Marilyn Monroe of the dance world in the 1990s, her performance fee reached 10,000 dollars an hour, after divorce was also pursued by the French noble Louis crazy, even the British royal children are scrambling to see her performance.About this industry, I believe you know more about the game grand theft auto characters, especially in GTA5 costumes, received a lot of players welcome.Vanessa Demopoulos was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1988 to Greek parents. Her father was a DJ and her mother was a dancer.So Vanessa grew up at night, very rebellious.In high school, Vanessa was expelled from school because of fighting, and her parents ignored her. Later, Vanessa’s grandfather encouraged her to go to California alone, so Vanessa went to California alone.Vanessa is 168cm tall and has a very good appearance. When she came to California, she found that although it was prosperous here, it was not easy to find a job, so she still went to a place of luxury and dissipation.When she was 20 years old in 2008, she got the qualification and started to work in this industry. Vanessa loved boxing since she was a child, and it became the best way to protect herself in this kind of work environment.In addition to performing, Vanessa loves practicing fighting. Now she has enough money to live on, and she wants to give it up.Vanessa made her debut as a combat athlete in 2021 at the age of 33, a crazy move for the industry.But for her, it was a chance to restart her life.She didn’t give up after losing her UFC debut to Aldridge. She kept dancing and practicing fighting.The routine pole performance improved her level of jujitsu and flexibility, which played a crucial role in her transformation.Vanessa has had a number of victories in 2022, most recently beating Silvana Juarez at UFC 270 to earn a 7-4 record.I’m glad I look like the new superstar because I am.I’m definitely the new superstar!She told reporters that she had recently resigned from the club and was now a professional fighter rather than a “performer”.Vanessa had already made that decision when she beat Juarez in the first round.”I don’t think it’s a secret,” she admitted. “AFTER 13 years as an exotic artist, I quit my job so I could focus full-time on MMA training.”You know, she suffered more in the ring than when she was performing, but she was also respected more. For her, even if she lost, she was already a successful woman.What do you think?This article by art rabbit sports world original editor statement: pictures from the network, infringement please contact the author