Latest warning!The weather has changed in Huainan

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Source: Comprehensive Huainan Observatory, Anhui Meteorological, Anhui Emergency management Department, network and a new round of rain and snow weather!Double!叒!On the way!The weather of Spring Festival transport: from the night of 16th, there will be rain and snow in our city from the south to the north, among which the wind increases from the night of 16th to the day of 17th, the average wind force is level 4, gusts are about level 6.Specific forecast for the next three days: cloudy on the 16th, sleet 0 ~ 5℃ at night in southern Shouxian county, cloudy on the 17th to light snow -1 ~ 3℃, light rain on the 18th to cloudy 0 ~ 4℃.According to the forecast of Anhui Meteorological Station, the weather in Anhui province will be mainly cloudy before February 16th.From the night of February 16th to the 18th, Anhui province had a process of rain and snow, in which the precipitation was obvious on the 17th, there was moderate sleet or snow between The Jianghuai river and some areas in the mountainous area of southern Anhui Province, and there was moderate to heavy rain along the Jiangnan River.Precipitation has an obvious effect on air temperature, and air temperature rises slowly in the province before February 16.From February 16 to 17, the average temperature will drop by 3 ~ 5℃, and the easterly force will increase to level 4 ~ 5.From February 19 to 20, another cold air will affect the average temperature of the province will drop by 1 ~ 3℃, and the northerly wind force of the province will be level 3 ~ 4.Specific weather forecast for the next week 16th (Wednesday) : cloudy to cloudy days in the whole province, light rain or sleet in the middle and west parts of jianghuai river and jiangnan along the Yangtze River, and light to moderate snow in some areas of Dabie mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area.Thursday, 17th: Cloudy skies across the province.Along the huai sleet or light snow;There is sleet or small to medium snow between the Jianghuai river, including some heavy snow in dabie Mountain area;Along the Yangtze River, there will be moderate sleet or snow, heavy snow in some areas.18th (Friday) : Cloudy skies across the province.Light rain along the east of jiangbei and south of Jiangnan;Other areas have sleet or light snow, including dabie mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area snow, snow.19 (Sat) : The overcast day turns to cloudy in the whole province, and some light snow gradually stops in the mountainous areas of southern Anhui.20th (Sunday) : Cloudy throughout the province.21 (Monday) : Cloudy in Huaibei area;In the south of huaihe River, it will be cloudy, and there will be light rain or sleet at night, including sleet or light snow in dabie mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area.The weather of rain and snow is coming, the temperature goes down all the way. I feel cold. Remember to wear warm clothes and pay attention to traffic safety when going out.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: