Hubei major discovery, unearthed a male and seven female graves, experts: quick dig!There are 10 boxes of gold hidden underneath

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Sanchahe village, jiuli Hui village, Zhongxiang City, Hubei province, has a well-known large tomb. Since 1998, there have been nine attempts to rob the tomb. This is the joint tomb of Zhu Dong, the 24th son of Zhu Yuanzhang, Ying Jing, king zhu Dong and his princess Guo.In 2005, Hubei Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage finally made a major decision to rescue the excavation of The Tomb of King Ying Jing, hovering in the long history of the fog finally got the answer.Opening the tomb of King Ying Jing after the vicissitudes of China, suffered all kinds of destruction.According to volume 7 of The Annals of Xingdu, “There are seven halls of the ying Jing king’s tomb, ten chambers of the east and west, five kitchens of the gods, three rooms of the sacrificial rites, one drum tower, one pavilion of steles, three doors of the coffin, three doors of the security gate, one red wall zhou Hui of 127 zhang, and one residence of internal gong.”However, the historical record of such a large scale of the ground is now only a small mound, because of the Japanese invasion of 1937, the brutal destruction of the cemetery buildings on the ground, sadly.Not only that, affected by the rampant activities of the tomb raiding gang, The ying Jing king’s tomb has experienced several tomb raiding, only the theft hole is as deep as 8 meters, the damage to the underground building is inestimable.In 2005, hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Jingmen Museum, Zhongxiang Museum and other institutions jointly formed the “Hubei Province Ming Dynasty Excavation team of King Ying Jing’s Tomb”, led by liu Weidong, deputy director of Zhongxiang Museum, who participated in the excavation of King Liang Zhuang’s tomb in 2001, and Yuan Wenqing, researcher of Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology.To the rescue excavation work of king Ying Jing’s tomb which suffered several damages.At the beginning of excavation work, experts need to carry out preliminary geological survey and literature search on the tomb and other preparatory work, according to the size of sealed soil layer and historical records, experts agreed that the size of Ying Jing King’s tomb is larger than that of liangzhuang King’s tomb adjacent to it, and roughly defined the general direction and length of the tomb ramp.With previous excavations of the tomb of King Liangzhuang of the same era, the team thought the ying Jing tomb should have been carried out smoothly, but it was difficult to open the tomb door.On November 21, 2005, the excavation of king Ying Jing’s tomb officially began.First of all, it is necessary to clear out the tomb ramp. According to past experience, the excavation method of the rock tomb of King Ying Jing is the most ideal. However, the construction team is not so easy when digging.Migrant workers with picks banging on the floor, this is a seasoned veteran, but little effect, I don’t know why this land was abnormal and dry, very not easy to interpret the soil mixed with many tiny particles do not know for what, this leads to had planned a week to finish the pyramid-shaped mound of clean-up extended to a month.And that’s just the first test.Very not easy to do hard in the cleanup, three large stone first appeared in the eyes of all, three large stone is “product” word structure, two pieces of stone fit in a flat piece of stone, the formation of a like nature itself “iron wall”, which is the ying jing king’s tomb experience so many grave activity can still intact.How can we break through this stone barrier?Explosives are definitely not used, one is because it is not clear how thick the stone is, the amount of explosives can not be accurately placed, and two is because the direction of stone collapse is not controlled, the consequences of indoor collapse can not be imagined.After some discussion, the construction team decided to do something stupid: they first brought in a pile of tires and stacked them up to the same height as the boulders at the bottom. Then they stood on the tires and forced the door open.Stone gate is king Kong door, and stone gate is different, ying Jing king tomb of king Kong door looks unexpectedly twisted, generally speaking, king Kong door is a very important gate outside the tomb, very strong, so experts become king Kong door, and this is like a random base, and Ying Jing king identity is extremely inconsistent.That’s not the only oddity.The construction team just pried open a crack in the bricks of Jingang gate, and there was a white gas leaking from the crack in an instant under the eyes of the public.”Get out!Everyone immediately thought that this might be a kind of anti-theft measure of the Tomb of King Ying Jing, it is very likely to be toxic gas, the media, police, archaeological team on the scene are quickly cover their mouths and noses.Archeological team experts have rich experience on the ground archaeology, this floating full of white fog mausoleum is the first time to see, in line with the idea of due diligence, experts or decided to study what this gas is, they immediately with rubber hose into the gap to extract air into mineral water bottles, rushed to the research center for composition analysis.Despite one strange event after another, excavations need to continue normally.After the white fog cleared, the construction team dared to step forward carefully, and determined that there was no danger after the removal of the crooked diamond door very easily.After the king kong gate, is two red door daubed with vermillion, because of the protection of stone gate and brick king Kong gate, the wooden door is extremely well preserved, bright color, there is no sign of decay, archaeological experts overjoyed, Ying Jing king’s tomb lineup will finally see the light of day.General mausoleum after the door are placed with the top door stone, and Ying Jing king tomb vermillion door is not completely closed, there are gaps in the middle, dark holes.And even if the wooden door is well preserved, experts do not dare to open it easily, because the mausoleum has been through more than 600 years of wind and frost, the wooden door shaft is likely to be rotten or can not withstand the force of the door to open, and if the wooden door is too fragile to collapse inward, it is very likely to damage the cultural relics placed behind the door.The experts had no choice but to think differently. They studied the dooraxes of local farmers and suddenly had a bright idea. Since people are afraid to act because they don’t know what’s behind the door, the first step should be to figure out the space behind the door.So they used a video camera, a laptop computer and a tube to create a simple “viewing eye” : a camera was inserted through a crack in the door, and people watched the images from the camera through a laptop outside the door.With this method, the ying Jing king’s tomb interior finally show in front of the world for the first time, through the screen we see not only nothing behind the door, at the same time the top of the iron door shaft is very well preserved, with open conditions, which is to give experts a shot in the heart.But to be on the safe side, they decided to leave one door open, that is, to leave only one door open in order to minimize all possible damage.The opening of this grave with many twists and turns has finally come to an end.Rotten wooden box and seven female corpse “zhigang”, the red door was successfully pushed open, the team leader relieved, but the situation at the moment and let everyone’s heart tightly pulled into a group, between the ground is full of potholes arranged orderly pit, there must be something there before.”It can’t be that the grave robbers didn’t get in through the gate, but came in from somewhere else and stole everything!”The experts looked at each other and thought gloomily.Fortunately, things took a turn for the better.”Look here!When a team member squatted down to take a closer look, he found that there was still a wooden figure in one of the pits. On closer inspection, the pits on the ground seemed to have some wood residue indicating the existence of wood.Combined with the scale, things have the answer, this ground should be a batch of wooden ritual vessels, but because of some reasons have been corroded.But the tomb ground is very dry, and Ying Jing King’s tomb is located in the highlands, there should not be any liquid into, and the door shaft is well preserved, there is no sign of corrosion, so what is the reason for the erosion of a ritual ware?With nothing to do, experts will have to keep looking around to see if they can find any more clues.The researchers found multiple lines of water flooding on the walls, with the highest point being 1.7 metres high, suggesting the chamber had been flooded more than once. The shaft of the door was at the top of the two-metre tomb, which had not been damaged by water.That’s the best explanation at the moment, and there’s still a lot of work to do, so experts have to put their doubts aside and continue to explore.According to the preliminary investigation, the interior of the Tomb of King Ying Jing is composed of two ear chambers in east and west, a smaller anterior chamber, a rectangular middle chamber and the largest back chamber. The overall structure is “sub-” shaped, covering an area of more than 90 square meters.The ground of the front room is a mess, mainly placed some wooden ritual vessels, has been completely damaged, there is no much reference value, only the construction team to clean up the work.Expedition experts continue to go deeper, past the front room is the middle room, two rooms between a stone threshold, it is speculated that there should have been a wooden door to play a screen, but with the tomb repeatedly water caused the wooden door to collapse and decay.The middle room is very empty compared with the front room, the only thing worth noting is the marks left by several large boxes on the ground. Unfortunately, also affected by the flood, the boxes have all rotted, and the things inside are completely gone. From the remaining residue, it can only be roughly inferred that these boxes are used for storing clothes, calligraphy and paintings and other organic matters.The clearing of the chambers was quickly completed, and the next step was the two ear chambers, which were no longer empty, strewn with coffin fragments beyond recognition.However, after careful excavation, the experts found teeth belonging to six different people in two ear chambers. Through analysis, they concluded that the six people were all underage girls, and the three people were placed in a symmetrical group in the east and west chambers as martyrdom.In addition to the remains of the six girls, there are six celadon plum bottles scattered in the two ear rooms. Liu Weidong and others speculated that: “These should be the horcruxes of the six girls, meaning to store the soul. Ancient people paid attention to the place where the soul belongs, so this plum bottle was used for this purpose.”A large cylinder in the east ear room also attracted everyone’s attention. According to theory, this cylinder should be used as a permanent lamp. However, since the ear room is symmetrical, why is there no large cylinder in the west ear room?East ear room is originally used for burial, why do you need a high standard lamp?This was again a great puzzle in everyone’s mind.The rest seems to be the only place after the ying Jing king couple can answer.In the back room, the coffins of King Ying Jing and his wife, Guo’s, as expected, were completely unrecognizable, with only some gold paint on the coffins telling the prosperity of the tomb owners in the past.In the middle of the two coffins, yuan wen qing and others also found traces of a few cases, it is assumed that they should be equipped with the couple’s clothing, etc., plus room found in wooden cases, the ying jing king’s tomb found a total of ten wooden boxes, has been damaged, cannot estimate the value of unavoidable untimely letting a person, and this is the “gold”.Although the flood destroyed many cultural relics in the Tomb of King Ying Jing, experts still found many treasures handed down from ancient times.In one corner of the back room, there is also a large tank which is the same as the east ear chamber. Combining with the fact that the tomb was flooded with water, there is an explanation for the tank in the east ear chamber. It should have been placed in the back room originally, but due to the inflow of water, it was forced to move and drifted along the water to the east ear chamber.Couple of coffins head also each place has a porcelain as a horcrux, six simple green bottle is different, with ear room after room of these two vases, a bottle of with dragon, another bottle of figure painting has four love, brushwork is exquisite, glaze color, transparent is glaze in the acura, after inspection, found that it was blue and white porcelain of yuan dynasty, should be zhu yuanzhang reward, its value is beyond measure.In addition to plum bottles, experts also found in the back room such as agate royal beasts, crystal devices and other precious cultural relics, such as gold, silver, jade, harvested quite a lot.Not only does this back room contain a wealth of artifacts, but it’s also where experts find answers to the mysteries that have accumulated since the excavation.All the clues come from the tile-ash pile between the coffins of King Ying jing and his wife.This ying Jing king’s identity is noble, the tomb is carefully repaired, why will so abruptly appear this pile of ash?Fearing they were wrong, the team consulted local masons, who confirmed that it was indeed a commonly used wall repair material.Once the answer was confirmed, the team re-examined the entire chamber and found several signs of rework on the walls and cracks in many of the bricks.At first, Yuan Wenqing thought that the cracks were just a natural phenomenon caused by the settlement of the newly built structure, but could the craftsmen have foreseen that there would be cracks in the tomb to repair it?In that case, why not clean the dust off the ground before you leave?So, this idea doesn’t explain the multiple repairs.At this point, Chen Guantao, from the Center for Science and Technology Archaeology of Wuhan University, proposed a bold hypothesis based on the various clues since the excavation: could there have been a major natural disaster that caused the tomb to collapse and the craftsmen to repair it again?This idea seems to be fantastic at first glance, but it makes sense when you think about it.In ying jing Joe suddenly sudden death only 27 years old, also died after princess after a period of time, in place after the couple, the earthquake happened suddenly, so the craftsman with WaHui, glutinous rice paste material back into the chamber repair, the repair is not finished when the earthquake happened again, craftsmen and flee in haste, WaHui scattered in situ didn’t clean,Even the topstone behind the door had not been placed.In this way, the skewed sealing tomb door and inexplicable flood has also been answered, Ying Jing King’s tomb position is high, there was no flooding worry so there was no water facilities when the construction, because of the sudden earthquake caused groundwater into the tomb and caused cultural relics damage.As to why such an earthquake was not recorded, experts speculate that it may have been missed because of the busy construction of tombs at the time of the deaths of princes and princesses.Of course, whether the earthquake or natural subsidence, is the speculation of later people, what the real reality is, we do not know.And what of the white mist that came from the opening of the tomb?In fact, experts had some understanding of this after speculating that there had been a flood in the tomb, and confirmed their speculation after detecting that the white fog was only water vapor.When the experts cleaned up the room, they gradually found that the temperature difference between the inside and the outside was huge. According to Yuan Wenqing, it was more than 10 degrees below zero outside, but it was hot enough to work with only a shirt inside.Water flooded into the tomb, and because of the high indoor temperature, water evaporates to form steam, the whole Ying Jing tomb will be immersed in the long white fog.Ten rotten wooden case, a pair of husband and wife, six girl buried, ancient jade, gold and silver for the ying ying jing king’s tomb in hubei actually jing wang couples poignant love story or buried people sympathetic cruel rule, only patches of moss can know the tomb bricks and silence, but ying jing king’s tomb excavated archaeological history, no doubt, the legendary again.References: Zhang Yunkuan, Yang Kefu.The door of the underground palace of King Ying Jing opened [N]. Hubei Daily,2005/12/30(A02).Yuan Wenqing, Long Yongfang, Zhou Daiwei.Excavation of Ming Dynasty Tomb of King Ying Jing in Zhongxiang, Hubei Yielded great harvest [N]. 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