Fan Zhiyi’s third wife and stepdaughter gay frame!Fan sijing wears heavy makeup and her stepmother wears no makeup. They are like best friends

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Recently, fan Zhiyi’s daughter fan Sijing updated her social media platform again, this time Posting a picture of her family having a New Year’s Eve dinner together.Fan posted photos showing her entire family, including grandma Huang Wei, father Fan Zhiyi, stepmother Zhang Jin and little sister, at the dinner.The meals eaten by a large family are also very rich, and everything is available.Fan Zhiyi held the phone and the whole family took a selfie on the phone to create the unforgettable moment.This time, fan sijing and her stepmother are in the same frame for a long time. Fan Sijing’s New Year’s eve dress is heavy make-up again, which is also very consistent with her usual dress, while her stepmother Zhang Jin is bare-faced, like a housewife.Zhang Jin is only 13 years older than Fan, and they look like best friends.Fan sijing and her half-sister’s feelings are also very good, she put her arms around her little sister to sell meng group photo.As a male host fan Zhiyi to see such a harmonious scene, naturally is beaming.Recently, Chinese football is trending again, after they lost to Vietnam on the first day of Chinese New Year, which was the first time in the history of The National football team.After losing to Thailand a few years ago, Fan Zhiyi, one of the most famous players in Chinese football, expressed his opinion, questioning the leadership of the football association and saying, “Chinese football doesn’t even have a face anymore.”After that interview, he predicted that the national football team would lose to Vietnam and Myanmar in the future, but a few years later, Fan zhiyi’s prediction was confirmed.In fact, As a generation of Chinese soccer star, Fan Zhiyi has been the focus of controversy among netizens.Fan zhiyi was born into A football family and helped Shanghai win the Serie A title.After becoming famous in China, Fan zhiyi went to Britain to study abroad.Fan Zhiyi was one of the contributors to China’s historic 2002 men’s football team reaching the World Cup finals.Throughout his career, Fan Zhiyi won the Chinese Footballer of the Year award twice and was the first Chinese player to win the Asian Footballer of the Year award. He was one of the biggest stars in Chinese football at that time.However, compared with the outstanding achievements in football, fan Zhiyi’s emotional life is indeed questioned.Fan Zhiyi has experienced three marriages in total, and his object is not a model is a flight attendant, especially with the wife of divorce caused by the uproar caused by outside attention.The third wife, Zhang Jin, was 17 years younger than Fan, and their marriage was reviled and questioned.Fortunately, Fan zhiyi managed the marriage well, not only had a daughter, but also handled the relationship between Fan Sijing and Zhang Jin well, which was not easy.