Chuck Mawhinney, legendary American sniper, killed 16 men in 30 seconds in Vietnam

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Seen above: Chuck Mawhinney in an undated photograph taken during the Vietnam War.Charles Benjamin “Chuck” Mawhinney was the sniper with the most enemy kills in THE history of the United States Marine Corps.One of the most prolific snipers of the Vietnam War, Chuck Mawhinney was a deadly sharpshooter with the most confirmed kills by a gunman in THE history of the United States Marine Corps and the second most confirmed kills by a soldier in the history of the United States.In one case, Mawhinney killed 16 men in just 30 seconds, all in the head.But after the war, Chuck Mawhinney retired from the Marine Corps and took a job with the U.S. Forest Service.During his career in Vietnam, he told no one about his legend, not even his wife.This is the true story of Chuck Mawhinney, the legendary sniper, cold and humble.Why Chuck Mawhinney was destined to be a sniper from the start As shown above: A US Marine sniper in Vietnam on December 13, 1965.Chuck Mawhinney was born in Lakeview, Oregon, in 1949. His father, a World War II Marine veteran, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps.Shortly after the deer season ended in June 1967, Little Whinney graduated from high school and enlisted in the Marine Corps.But before he could be deployed to war, Mawhinney enrolled in scout sniper school at Camp Pendleton, Calif., and graduated in April 1968.Young Mawhinney was also naturally tempted by the sniper position, having spent most of his life doing what he had been trained to do in formal sniper school.Chuck Ma Wei, told the magazine in 2012 the American riflemen: “my father is a Marine during world war ii, when I was little began to practice a gun, he taught me to shoot, like the Marine corps taught his, so from hunting in Oregon to become a sniper is not much change.”After Mawhinney’s formal training was over, he was sent to Vietnam, where the war was in one of its bloodiest phases.Chuck Mawhinney became a Deadly Legend in Vietnam as you can see above: No sniper killed more people in the entire Vietnam War than Chuck Mawhinney.Originally assigned as a rifleman to Lima Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division, Chuck Mawhinney charged to the ground with a devastating blow.However, after only three months in the battalion, he was transferred to several different battalions, eventually joining Delta Company.But his time in Delta Company proved to be the deadliest, completing 103 kills there.”It was the ultimate safari,” he later said of Vietnam.Chuck Mawhinney was stationed at a base near Da Nang, Vietnam, on Valentine’s Day 1969, when he received word that a North Vietnamese army was closing in on them, perhaps his most astonishing moment.A monsoon makes air support impossible, so Chuck Mawhinney volunteers to sneak forward and cover a river the enemy is sure to cross.But the first wave of North Vietnamese troops never crossed the river, and Chuck Mawhinney took only his scouts, and his trust-worthy Remington M40 and M14 sniper rifles, and waited for the whole group to wade through before he started shooting.In the span of just 30 seconds, Chuck Mawhinney fired 16 shots, each to the head, single-handedly bringing the enemy’s advance to a screeching halt.”That night, I fired 16 rounds as fast as I could,” Chuck Mawhinney said, according to Business Insider.Everyone on the other side is shot in the head, right in the middle.I could see bodies floating down the river.”Of course, accidents happen, not always.In the entire war, only one enemy got into Chuck Mawhinney’s sights and managed to survive.Chuck Mawhinney always said it was his only regret from the war.It happened during a particularly heated battle when an armorer adjusting his rifle spotted an enemy combatant.He grabbed his rifle and fired 16 shots, all of which missed the target.”It’s one of the few things that bothers me about Vietnam,” he told the Los Angeles Times.I couldn’t help thinking about how many men that surviving enemy would have killed, how many of my friends, how many Marines.”Chuck Mawhinney’s legacy as the deadliest sniper in U.S. Marine Corps history is shown above: Chuck Mawhinney’s Remington M40 sniper rifle is on display at the U.S. Marine Corps Museum.Chuck Mawhinney retired from the Marine Corps in 1970, returned to his hometown of Lakeview, Oregon, married and began his career with the U.S. Forest Service, where he stayed for more than 20 years.When Chuck Mawhinney retired in the late 1990s, he probably thought he would spend the rest of his life in obscurity in the woods of his hometown.However, all that changed in 1991.At that time, Joseph Ward’s bestselling book dear Mother: Vietnam Through a Sniper’s Eyes hit shelves, detailing Chuck Mawhinney’s adventures in the Vietnamese jungles.Ward’s claim was initially hotly debated because Carlos Hathcock, a Marine who had served in Vietnam, was believed to hold the record, with 98 confirmed kills.However, subsequent investigations proved that Chuck Mawhinney was indeed the deadliest confirmed shooter in Marine corps history and the second deadliest confirmed shooter in the history of the United States armed Forces.Second only to Adelbert Waldron of the U.S. Army, with 109 confirmed killings.It is also believed that Chuck Mawhinney actually killed more than 200 combatants, but not all of these claims have been confirmed by the armed forces.By 2022, Chuck Mawhinney is still living a relatively quiet retirement, though he speaks regularly to professional sniper training classes.His Remington M40 sniper rifle is on display at the National Marine Museum.He was also the subject of a History Channel special called Sniper: Anatomy of A Kill, which featured a shocking re-enactment of Chuck Mawhinney’s headshot.If asked, he has only one piece of advice for aspiring snipers.”I tell them the three rules of being a good sniper: practice, practice, practice,” he told the South Florida Sun-Watch.Whether it was his training, upbringing, talent, or some combination of the two, Chuck Mawhinney proved beyond doubt that he was perhaps the most lethal sniper in modern warfare history.