Wuling Road Primary School, Boshan District, Zibo City to carry out civilized practice warm peer volunteer service activities

2022-05-13 0 By

An end, the festival atmosphere is strong, in 2022 the Spring Festival approaching, in order to further cultivate and practice the socialist core values, tree new wind civilization, the party and the government of the family economic difficulties students care policy into effect, on Jan. 25, zibo boshan area to conduct the five ridges road primary school in hand care for poor students volunteer service activities.School party branch secretary and the principal Li Zongkui comrade, lead the school youth volunteer service of part of the leadership team members and teachers, in cold winter to zibo boshan area of the five ridges road primary school “love hand in hand” student bought a warm warm clothes, send clothes and consolation money to students home, although the winter cold wind blows, but the school for the children sent to a different kind of warm.During the visit, the school leaders and teachers had a heart-to-heart talk with the students and their parents and had a detailed understanding of the living conditions of the students’ families.In addition to the material help, in the spiritual level to give students and families actively encourage, encourage them to build self-confidence in life, study hard, establish goals, do not live up to the expectations of the school, society and family, with good performance and excellent results to repay the school, society and family.The parents were deeply touched and thanked the school for its meticulous education and help for a long time, saying that they would cooperate with the school to do a good job in family education.Wuling Road Primary School in Boshan District has long attached great importance to the help and education of poor students, and has provided financial assistance to students from poor families in various forms to solve their difficulties in study and life.For the next step, the school will continue to do a good job in bringing the warmth of winter to every family in need.Editor: Daytime review: Ji Chunxin