Women’s soccer suzhou isolation small hot pot arrangement!Zhao Lina’s father urges marriage online: Find a partner early

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At noon on February 8, the Chinese women’s football team arrived in Suzhou and was warmly welcomed by local fans.And the first dinner in Suzhou was arranged on the long-awaited small hot pot girls.After captain Wang Shanshan’s parents revealed their daughter’s single online, Zhao Lina’s father also “urged marriage” in an interview, hoping his daughter to find an object early.Wang shanshan told CCTV on the chartered plane of the Chinese women’s soccer team returning to Shanghai on Feb 7 that she wanted hot pot and a winter Olympics mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen.After the women’s soccer team arrived in Suzhou by bus on The 8th, Wang shanshan’s dream was realized.Suzhou to women’s soccer team each prepared an ice pier pier and snow rong Rong, to help the women’s soccer girls to achieve the goal of one pier.In the evening, in a video shared by li Mengwen, wang’s second dream was successfully realized in Suzhou, where the players were served small hotpot dinners and some mistook prickly ash oil for sesame oil.Previously, some people have women’s football daily noodles and Wu Xi said in an interview to eat sea cucumber a day compared to the picture, in order to highlight the men’s football high salary and low ability.According to Xinmin Evening News, when the women’s football team was training in Shanghai, the support staff said that the training center would also provide the women with high-protein sea cucumber and abalone every day, three times a day in a self-service form, and ensure that the men can eat the women’s football team can also eat.In an interview with the media, Wang shanshan’s parents revealed their daughter’s daily life, saying that her favorite dish is fried potato and Luoyang gravy noodles made by her parents, and her idol is Cristiano Ronaldo.Because Wang Shanshan’s daily training competition is too busy, there is no time to fall in love, so far she is still single, Wang Shanshan’s mother also revealed her criteria for choosing a husband, her daughter like it.And after wang Shanshan’s parents, Zhao Lina’s father also opens online “urge marriage” mode, say oneself hope most now is Zhao Lina can look for an object as soon as possible, now 31 years old still do not have boyfriend.