Traffic police warm tips: Rainy day driving safety precautions

2022-05-13 0 By

Driving during the rainy season should be especially careful, not only because of the slippery road on rainy days, but also because of the heavy rain.So what should we pay attention to when driving in rainy weather?What are the tips for driving safely in rainy weather?Let the traffic police answer one by one.It is very important for drivers to keep a good vision on rainy days because their vision is blocked, which can easily cause traffic accidents.1, open the wiper, clean up raindrops in time;2. When the weather is dim, turn on the close light, fog light and outline light;3. If there is fog on the glass, the line of sight is blocked, the air conditioner should be opened in time to blow away the fog;4, keep the rearview mirror clear, turn on the rearview mirror heating function or add plastic sheets to block rain;5. Pay attention to the surrounding road conditions and drive carefully.Slow down and drive cautiously “ten times accident, nine times fast”, rainy day slippery road, but also to drive carefully.1. Reduce the speed and keep a safe distance between vehicles;2, drive carefully, always pay attention to observe the road conditions, especially when there are many pedestrians;3, according to the road conditions, timely adjust the speed, unfamiliar road conditions to control the speed;4, follow the car forward, for unfamiliar roads or difficult sections, to drive carefully along the road ahead;5. Follow slowly, don’t speed blindly, and make sure it’s safe to overtake.Stay away from Large cars Large cars in rainy weather pose a number of potential hazards to small vehicles and should be kept away from them.1. Keep a long distance from large cars;2. Don’t let large cars block your vision;3, pay attention to the sight blind area of large vehicles to avoid danger;4. Stay away from large vehicles to avoid the rain splashed by large vehicles and interfere with driving;5, do not blindly follow, large cars can pass through the water section, small cars may not be able to pass smoothly.Prevent wheel slippage on wet roads, which makes driving very dangerous, to prevent wheel slippage.1, steady the steering wheel, don’t panic, hands balance hold the steering wheel;2. Keep a straight line and drive at low speed;3, do not turn quickly, gently step on the brake;4, don’t hurry up, slowly accelerate;