Higgins comes back 5-3!Snooker Turkey: Zhao Xintong 5-1 into final

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Qualification for the 2022 Turkish Masters continued in Leicester as Zhao Xintong won 5-1 to join Yuan Sijun and Si Jiahui in the main event, leaving Chang Bingyu, Chen Zifan and Gao Yang out.Higgins came back from 3-1 down to win four sets 5-3, and Murphy knocked out Jimmy White 5-2.In the Turkey Masters, which is newly added this season, all Chinese players need to participate in a round of qualification to qualify for the main event. Xiao Guodong, Lu Ning, Zhou Yuelong, Cao Yupeng, Tian Pengfei and Fan Zhengyi won and entered the main event.Zhao Xintong, double British championship and German Masters champion, plays Haycott.Zhao xintong won five games in a row and broke 100 with two strokes. She scored 54 points, 101 points, 51 points and 105 points respectively. The total score was 5-1 and yuan Sijun met Hawkins.Hit a single 76 points, 53 points and 79 points, the total score 5-3 reverse promotion.Jia Hui played against Welsh veteran Dale, winning three games in a row after 2-2 in the first half, scoring 73 points and 56 points in the second half, and qualifying 5-2 on aggregate.Chang Bingyu, the other three Chinese players who played on the day, was outgunned by Mark Allen and lost 5-2.Chen scored 85 and 106 match points in a row before losing 5-3 to Donaldson.Gao Yang only managed a 79 in the second frame, losing 5-1 against Wakelin.Fresh from a champions League victory against Pinches, Higgins fought back from 3-1 down in the first half to win four frames in a row in the second half, scoring runs of 130, 85 and 62 for a 5-3 comeback victory.Murphy won 6-2 against Jimmy White, Dott swept 5-0 to advance and Gould won 5-4.The final qualifying day of the Turkish Masters saw five Chinese players in action, with Ding Junhui and Yan Bingtao facing padgett and Haworth respectively, Lu Haotian facing O ‘Brien and Liang Wenbo fighting zhang Jiankang.On the next day of the Turkish Masters qualifying round, Zhao xintong joins yuan Sijun, Si Jiahui, Chen Zifan, Chang Bingyu and Gao Yang to qualify for the Champions League.