Train emergency rescue for passengers with sudden illness

2022-05-12 0 By

On February 13, 2022, a passenger on the Z383 train from Haikou to Changchun suffered a heart attack and was in a very dangerous condition.Critical moment, the train staff launched an emergency rescue, staged a race against time moving scene.On The same day, Z383 train siping station started, a male passenger in his 60s suddenly fell ill in carriage 12, hands on his chest, sweating profuse. The conductor reported the situation to conductor Du Jing on the intercom, du Jing immediately informed the train announcer to find a doctor.And add by cadres quickly arrived at the scene to assist treatment.It was understood by fellow travelers that the passenger had a history of heart disease and had taken 10 nitroglycerin tablets.According to the initial diagnosis of the medical staff, the passenger suffered from coronary heart disease and was in critical condition. It was suggested to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.Du Jing immediately called the passenger hotline of China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. to request a temporary stop at Gongzhuling station in front of her, and contacted 120 ambulance to get ready for emergency treatment.At 11:19 PM, Z383 stopped at Gongzhuling station and Du Jing and the train staff handed the sick passenger to the medical staff of 120 ambulance.Later, according to the conductor telephone, the passenger is a sudden coronary heart disease, due to timely rescue has turned the corner, out of life danger.