The only remaining liaobuxiang city, one of the four cities in eastern Guangdong, is a famous specialty trading market in Guangdong during Ming and Qing Dynasties

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Guangdong is a place with a long history and a variety of traditional cultures. Some cultures have been lost in the long river of time, while some cultures have been passed down to this day after a long time.Liaobuxiang city is the only one of the four famous cities in Guangdong.According to historical records, during the Ming and Qing dynasties, there were four cities in eastern Guangdong, namely guangzhou Flower City, Dongguan Incense City, Luofu pharmaceutical City and Lianzhou Pearl City, which were known as the four famous cities in Guangdong at that time.Liaobu City, also known as yaxiang Street, is located in The Town of Liaobu in Dongguan city. It originated in the Song Dynasty and is the hub of the famous “Guan xiang”.So what is Guan Xiang?In today, there must be many friends do not know.Guan, guan xiang is sweet also has a long history after various physical damage in a tree trunk or root, such as lightning, bug eat by moth, or man-made, knife and so on and so on, the trees in the process of after repair, spilled oil and natural invading fungi produce a series of changes, the formation of solid crystals, is the most primitive state, aloes, the crystal is also called the cream.Now we can see most of the guan incense is artificial incense using special technology, and then carefully produced.Guan xiang, is a kind of aloes, dongguan is one of the specialties, but also China’s national geographical indication products!Liaobu step tooth sweet street in Dongguan friends should have walked the liaobu step tooth sweet street, a fragrant city into the ancient street smelled a light fragrance, it is called sweet city, mainly because of sweet and named.It is said that during the heyday of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the whole liaobu sky was filled with the fragrance of Dongguan incense, because all the dongguan incense collected by Shannon were concentrated in this transaction, merchants from all over the place came here to select and buy, from the Liaobu wharf, and then through the mouth of the Dongjiang River, shipped to Hong Kong, sold to the world.According to the research of historian Luo Xianglin, the “incense” in Hong Kong is also named after it, mainly because at the beginning, Dongguan incense was shipped to Shipai Wan wharf, which is today’s Hong Kong island, for packaging and processing, and then exported to foreign countries.Because this is the port of transporting incense and selling incense, so named Hong Kong!Now step Lao xiang city has been listed in the fourth batch of state-level non-material cultural heritage list, and step Lao town will be held from time to time with guan xiang culture as the theme of activities, the natural scent of incense, ancient and modern XiangDou together and cultural charm, let only one of the four most famous city step Lao xiang city from the new hot up, back the world again!