Suthida appeared at the Spring Festival event in cherry blossom pink cheongsam, slim without any fat

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Maha Vajiralongkorn has a rich and colorful emotional life that most men can’t compare to, and only envy.Although he was the emperor who ruled the world, he still had a lot of troubles. Thirty-three concubines in the harem made many strange things, which were almost out of control.Queen Suthida appeared in a Chinese cheongsam in cherry blossom pink, with a slim figure and no flab.After the New Year, Suthida is 44 years old, an auntie’s age, but her appearance is still youthful and beautiful.It was because of Maha’s Bohemia that the reputation of the Bangkok dynasty was ruined, and the public no longer recognized the royal family’s rule.But everything goes too far, and king Maha’s reputation in the international community is almost always negative.The daily work of the women in the harem was to do everything in their power to impress king Maha.Queen Suthida, fresh from her return to grace, was at her best in public.It’s the Chinese New Year and the Thai royal family is holding a big celebration.King Maha, accompanied by Queen Suthida and Princess Pa, departed from the throne Hall to attend the Spring Festival event at Dushi Palace.Have to let a person sigh sutida is not old goddess, the age has arrived grandma generation, the appearance has still realized the reverse growth.Especially with the seventy year old King of Thailand, Suthida is indeed happy and cheerful, the whole person is in a state of jubilation.In accordance with the rule of the Thai royal family, every Chinese New Year, the first day of the festival will be held on the sacrificial ceremony.In addition to celebrating the Spring Festival, it is one of the biggest events of the royal family.Queen Suthida appeared in a pink cheongsam, which was so amazing that the crowd called it a peach blossom.The previous “peach blossom makeup” is still vividly remembered, this time Sutida again hands, in dress up as tender on the road gone forever.The pink cheongsam is exquisitely made and engraved with classical flowers to set off queen Suthida.The peach blossom earrings in the ears, in particular, add a touch of color to the look and add the finishing touch.To tell the truth, Sutida’s appearance level is not outstanding, just entered the palace is just the standard level.The reason to be able to achieve a reversal, completely lies in the internal and academic promotion, as expected, the abdomen has poetry gas from China.Queen Sutita’s wisdom, is to know how to convergence and forbearance, so will win in the palace.This time, the pink cheongsam was so gorgeous that even though there were more than thirty young concubines in the harem, the moment was instantly dim in front of Suthida.Maha Vajiralongkorn was also commendable, making eye contact with Suthida several times, even during solemn sacrificial occasions.It seems that Suthida is the king of the harem, and Sinina’s status is plummeting, so it’s clear who the king’s true love is.No matter how down and out Suthida had been, this moment lived to become their own queen, appearance level and figure more and more perfect.Disciplined women have a future, and Suthida knows she is middle-aged and is always in shape.Chinese cheongsam is the most test figure, Sutida can be perfect interpretation, the whole body without a trace of fat.As a result of the long separation from the King of Thailand, coupled with the struggle of the palace, 44 years old Suthida has become much thinner.Suthida, who used to appear worried and scowled, is now more confident and generous.Pink is a gaudy color that will lose its value if it is not well worn, but Queen Suthida was able to perform it perfectly.Suthida, who holds 43 Doctorates, is not complacent, but more composed and reserved.The king of Thailand was blinded by Sinina in the past, but now he finally woke up to the fact that Suthida was the pearl left in the sea.This stunning peach-pink cheongsam is bright and striking from the inside out, making Suthida the horizontal ceiling of the Thai royal family.It’s no wonder sutida, who is known to be half Chinese, has built a huge fan base in China by wearing cheongsam to promote Chinese culture.Last year Suthida wore a bright red cheongsam inscribed with the phoenix flying, full of power and imperious.This year has walked the gentle line, charming charming people provoking love, good figure without a trace of redundant redundant fat.Maha Vajiralongkorn is also in the mood for romance, wearing a pink tie to match his wife’s cheongsam.I thought it would be a surprise, but everything was just right. The royal couple’s official look was perfect.As the Queen of Chinese descent, Suthida will wear cheongsam every Lunar New Year, looking forward to a more classic shape in the future, let the world know more about the Chinese wind.