Stars: Kan Qingzi, Yan Arun, Ni Ni, CAI Xukun, Xu Zheng, Gong Jun, Zhong Chuxi

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1. Aaron is very fond of making love, in mainland China they will be restrained, in WW they are unscrupulous, before they tried to turn a wW male artist.2. In recent days, the three platforms to fight, On March 15, Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan’s new play “Ask for more advice for the Rest of my life” in Tencent broadcast, On March 16, Xu Zhengxi, Zhou Jieqiong “Princess of the Best Actor” in iQiyi broadcast, On March 17, Dili Reba, Ren Jialun “Meet you at the beginning” in Youku broadcast.Wu Lei attaches great importance to this movie. He had a suntan to fit his role recently. The shooting cycle of this movie is very long, and the shooting will be divided into two quarters, and the shooting will be stopped in the middle.Wu Lei will shoot the TV series “Just Love” during the production stop. his schedule is very busy. As for the previously mentioned “Chinese Sword 6”, it is estimated that he will have to postpone or change the leading role.Taiwan media is really interesting, big S remarriage asked small S normal, asked the former N boyfriend Blue Zhenglong also said past, but others activities also have to ask what opinion, that let the people asked how to say, of course is a blessing ah.Before ruby Lin, after Jia Jingwen is said big S brave love wish happiness.Getting this answer is not unexpected, but some netizens found that Jia Jingwen’s condition is really good, not like the appearance of 47 years old, and before because of the work out also won the award, so her career has not been hindered by age, but also welcomed a new development.Like Ruby Lin, she has also tried her hand at becoming a producer, so the two will probably be compared in the future.5. Ni Ni reacted very quickly. She removed the entry tied with Deng Lun in a minute, and also posted a lot of distressed news articles about herself.6. Despite her claims that she has quit the ring, She still cares about everything in the ring, especially her sister.Because she knew they were falling within the circle of position, do your own thing negative effects on the younger sister is also a huge, there aren’t any big S and small S can be strong response capacity and psychological quality, can appear in some trouble with her defeat, so big S to sister will not be cut off completely, and the spheres of otherwise the sister really let her mind at rest.1. Xu Weizhou has lost a lot of fans, and its commercial value has declined. Recently, several resources have been lost.The Story is tight and attractive, the characters are not distorted, and the acting is good. It is the kind of surprise show that can be praised as long as it doesn’t pull its hips at the back.Tan kinji is on the rise now. He’s going to be cast in period drama Long Love, and then hello Saturday.His mouth is easy to get into trouble. Sometimes he may not be mean, but what he says will make people uncomfortable.If people get used to him talking like that and no one thinks anything of it, that’s how they communicate and people don’t say much about it.Can put some people can not accept, or this way of communication, can let a person feel his joke too, some don’t respect yourself, don’t come to his sense of humor, which lead to some partners do not like him, finally finished all cooperate when is a good friend, also made no contact.4. CAI Xukun had several things called before, so he also kept a low profile. Besides, he was also a traffic channel, so he was also the object of attention.However, this is not serious enough to affect his career development. The staff change in the studio was a normal flow, but it was assumed as a bad omen by the outside world. His current schedule is normal, and running bar will be recorded later.5. Xu Zheng now plans to replace Liu Haocun, after all, because the heroine has led to his own brand rejected many times, he will not lose his interests for Liu Haocun.6. Gong Jun has fallen foul of many entertainers because of his endorsement issues.Just this kind of problem is inevitable, but as a result of not as a team, lead to something more in the direction of the uncontrolled development of Gong Jun and very upset for this, after all he is a person can be the enemy but the people of repression and revenge, so he hope the team can only help him now, but he’d better not put all the hope team, on their own is the best choice.1. Li Xiang has a good relationship with several domestic media, so the photos of her going out with her boyfriend were suppressed by the paparazzi. The reason why the photos were exposed before was also her ex-husband’s fixing.2. When Gu Junye broke up with his current wife, he said he broke up with her, which is also something his current wife has always been upset about. According to his wife’s status as a heartthrob, she basically broke up with him on her own initiative, which is why she returned to him after the divorce.3. Chuxi Zhong’s discussion degree and exposure are still low. She always takes the high force grid route rather than the traffic route.Her annual production is fairly steady, after all, there is no shortage of resources, but her acting status has never been very popular.4. Dou Xiao and He Chaolin’s relationship is quite stable, there is no specific marriage plan for the moment, the wife’s family is quite exquisite, a lot of preparation for marriage has to find someone to calculate the auspicious date, not a short time can be settled.The bride price and dowry of hundreds of millions of yuan were also denied by the ruling party, but if it is to be settled, the sum offered by the man will satisfy the woman’s family, since they still have some money.5. Claims for the sake of Zheng Shuang KanQingZi surface will not cooperate with Hans zhang, but the reality is the opposite, she has been working and Hans zhang had a few years ago, when Hans zhang and Zheng Shuang not only didn’t break up, still in the phase of conjugal love, KanQingZi and Hans zhang cooperation, some Zheng Shuang really jealous, but due to their friendship did not say what, now it is found out,She simply labeled it “worthy and upright.”She never expected such a result, but now that Zheng shuang has retired, she doesn’t need to waste time and energy to deal with these problems, as long as she doesn’t care anyway, and no one else does.6. Fang Yilun shot a comic drama of yK family at the beginning of last year. The film company has recently passed the examination smoothly, and got the online drama record number, and has successfully entered the platform for broadcasting.Fang Yilun is very low-key, no what popularity heat, but the acting strength is still some, but no circle strength works, so also in the three line outside the small artist circle struggling.Fang Yilun recently these two months squatted the crew busy shooting new play, with Qu Chuxiao co-starring 271 youth inspirational theme TV series, is the space exploration of the moon content of the play.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to baifen star entertainment, Yu More MCN