Laurel: complete and complete big wo zi ba

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Rednet moment February 3 – (correspondent Zeng Xingfu Section Wang Jie) February 2, the second day of the Chinese New Year.Guidong county in the masses visiting relatives and friends, there is an essential gift, that is big wo zi ba.Walking into a family in central village, Zhaiqian Town, Guidong County, the table at home is neatly placed with pieces of yellow and uniform rice cakes, which is the big wo zi ba.Big wo zi ba is the central village people have to Spring Festival goods.Local people burn a plant called “Huang Ni Chai” to boil alkali water. With alkali water, the washed japonica rice and rice are soaked for 24 hours. After steaming, ramming, cutting and cooling, the golden glutinous rice cake is made.Huang Jiansheng, a villager, has followed his parents to do big Wo zi ba since childhood. Now, part of the traditional technology of big Wo zi ba has been replaced by modern machinery, but what remains unchanged is the warm feelings of people going home for the Spring Festival.He told reporters that every Spring Festival, every family here will do some big glutinous rice cake, friends and relatives give each other taste.In their dialect, the pronunciation of the word “Paste” is similar to “Qi”. Therefore, the Glutinous rice cake is also a symbol of completeness and completeness, which makes it an excellent place to visit friends and relatives.