Jindingshan Town: “Five changjin Hall” service zero distance

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In order to further deepen the reform of “delegating power, delegating power and providing services”, optimize the business environment, and establish a people-centered service concept, According to the spirit of the Action Plan for The 2022 Business Environment In Honghuagang District, Jindingshan Town implements the activity of “Five Changjin Hall”.Town party committee organized group members, head, and the villages (house) township in town government affairs hall on a regular basis and for the convenience of service points, all listen to the opinions of the masses and the enterprise demands, the masses in the work should be resolved the problem of the difficulty, blocking points, pain points of the overall improve the level of the town government affairs service and quality, improve service attitude, through the “last mile” of enterprises, the masses.Recently, the Taiwan international hills safely into the town party secretary of government affairs service center window, patience for the matters dealt with, make policy to preach, to collect town government affairs service center board and deficiencies, and the scene to collect public opinion suggestion, corrective actions and department heads to discuss problems, clear responsibility problem is corrected and the corrective time limit, make sure to have effect.In the window of Jindingshan Town government affairs Service Center, Xiong Jiangyao, deputy secretary of The Party Committee and mayor of Jindingshan Town, is familiar with the procedures of medical insurance payment, medical insurance reimbursement, registration of long-distance medical treatment and other business, and discusses the problems existing in government affairs management with the person in charge of the window, and jointly formulate rectification measures.At present, the international hills actively carry out the “five grow hall” activities, mainly adopts simulation and self-managing parts in two forms, arranged refined into the service table, and organize the villages (communities), village head (director), the room, regularly come into the town government affairs hall of stocks and village (community) for the convenience of service stations, zero distance, face-to-face service the masses.Next, Taiwan international hills will be positive for the “do not ask for” doing business goals, around the “easy” noble service, hills, government affairs service brand, mainly through good learning seminars, attitude of self-check meeting, doing business service CePingHui, establish “three” responsibility list, does the practical work for enterprise listing, e-government service experience list,Packages to develop town enterprise service system, such as business environment problem reporting system, targeted to solve enterprise, people work hard, links, low efficiency, effectively link at least, the material minimum time limit, the least cost, at least, optimal service, to achieve international hills business environment continues to improve, the market dynamic enhanced obviously, enterprises, mass work more convenient.Source: Jinding town editor: Liu Hechun proofread: Zhou Bin review: Yan Xuebin Li Rumin pay attention to “colorful red Granite” a voice of the public number!