Hot-blooded masterpiece “I do those years of public relations”, there is no strongest, only stronger!

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Compared to other male publicists, I am fortunate not to be selected by a different client every day!Although stepping into this line, let me swallow the dignity of men, but give me a choice, I do not regret doing so.And her affection is only short, but she gives me a feeling like summer flowers in general bright.I call Lin Day, this year 23 years old, the university has just graduated, the girl friend put forward to part company with me, slept together for 3 years, of course reluctant to beg in every way, she let me kneel directly however.”I’m with Zhou Peng!”Zhou Peng is my best friend. He is a rich second generation. He drove a Maserati when he was in school.We were the best of friends.One night, just before graduation, I checked in with my girlfriend. Ready to indulge, she went to the bathroom to take a shower.I was in bed waiting for the big fight, thinking about the position in my head, when my girlfriend’s cell phone rang.A look, turned out to be Zhou Peng sent over, this thought is looking for us to drink together to celebrate graduation, but did not expect the content was explicit chat information, he also wore a photo of his own fruit.”Dear, you tonight and Lin Day after the last sex, come to my room, in your next door!”I gas of die, fist tightly hold together, head such as blast crack general afflictive, after the girlfriend wash bath come out, a tear off body bath towel, come up will kiss me.”Break up sex?”I asked with a sneer, pushing him away.She responded for a long time. When she saw the mobile phone in my hand, her face turned cold and she broke up immediately, saying that she and Zhou Peng had been together a month ago.I slapped her and called her a whore. Then I got up and knocked on the door of the next room. Zhou Peng thought it was my girlfriend knocking on the door and excitedly opened the door for me.After the event I was detained for 15 days, return zhou Peng compensation a medical expenses……After I got out of the detention center, I sent out a lot of resumes, probably because of the detention experience, all of them went unanswered.People are unlucky to drink cold water plug teeth, just when I worry about finding a job, mom’s phone came, saying that my dad was hit by a car, need a sum of money for surgery.We have borrowed as much money as we can, but we still need ten thousand yuan. My mother was in tears.I had to comfort my mother this money I come to think of a way, after hanging up the phone, I squatted on the ground for a long time did not stand up, after graduation is not allowed to stay in the school, Zhou Peng’s medical expenses put all the money on my body were accompanied off, now even live there are no, on that to get so much money?For a long time touched his pocket, with only the remaining ten dollars to buy a bottle of erguotou, while holding the side in the street aimless walk.Daze day black down, erguotou also was I drink almost.Accidentally stumbled a tumble, feeling along with a person to fall down, dizzy of fierce, want to say a sorry with the other side very much, but the head is very heavy fell asleep……”Hey, wake up!As I dream of girlfriend was zhou Peng pressure in the body of the time, a sweet voice woke me up!Dizzy opened my eyes, found a beautiful woman in sailor clothes is desperately shaking my body, the soft touch of the body also let me realize.I’m in a bed right now.”And you are?””I asked, sitting up in surprise.See the woman at the moment, changed light outfit, the appearance is sweet, the sailor suit of light blue showed another kind of temptation, especially the round ball that the front half dew, let me unusual surprise, “how am I in this?””You drank high last night, knocked me down, I see you unconscious, so you……”She gave me a quick explanation.She seemed very worried, and without waiting for me to thank her, took me with her and asked me to stay in the house for half an hour, saying that two important visitors were coming at once, and it would not be convenient for me to appear.I nodded and agreed. It was only for half an hour anyway, and I would have slept the night before if it hadn’t been for her. After she’d finished thanking her, I left.Her house is one room one hall layout, I appear is inconvenient.Did not wait for me to stay in the toilet two minutes of time, there are footsteps spread over, I am curious then peep from the door of the toilet seam, discovery is a tall thin two men, under the guidance of the beauty entered the bedroom, then closed the door.Bored, I lit a cigarette in the bathroom and waited for them to leave.But a cigarette has not finished smoking, a sound some pain, and some cheerful voice spread over, which also mixed with a man’s heavy breathing……Absolute force is a woman excited when the voice, I frowned, do not understand how to return a responsibility.So I gently opened the door of the toilet, and tiptoed toward the bedroom to move, see the bedroom door is not tightly exposed a gap, so I lie on the door, want to see what.This look, immediately feel a dry mouth……Inside, beauty is kneeling on the ground, his face was an expression of pain, the sailor dress has been removed and thrown on the ground, her white figure completely exposed.And behind her is a slant thin man, so standing in her jiao jiao behind, and then suddenly between the fierce forward shaking the body, both hands also kept beating quite warped……It made a crackling sound.What make me more surprised is, still sat a fat man on the bed, wore a coat only, embrace the head of beauty aim at oneself……That place, it’s moving up and down.The beauty of both, appear some uncomfortable, one hand on the bed to maintain balance, the other hand is dead grasp the collar of the fat man, mouth constantly issued a purr sound.That ‘purr’ sound is like sounds of nature, let me swallow a spit.Threesome!I see some can’t stand, think of the beauty before I said there is a guest to come, the original is to do this kind of thing, no wonder to me to avoid, not out of a bad feeling, if I guess wrong, the other party must be a young lady.Such picture is really too exciting, I could not help but see a few more eyes, suddenly the thin man behind the beauty was trembling, holding the beauty stopped the action.Fat also did not lead a few minutes to sleep in the bed, I even saw the white liquid, spray in the face of the beauty.Then the thin man behind, took out a black leather bag, from the inside out a stack of red money, jilted in the beauty’s face, and issued a wanton laughter: “you are really severe, by my brothers so do, have no climax!”Seeing the two of them getting dressed, I strolled back to the bathroom and closed the door carefully.Soon there was a sound of footsteps, and then a loud slamming of the door. I knew the two men were gone, but I didn’t know whether I should come out or not.She just finished her work, so I’m going to wait for her to call me.Then thank her a few words, hurriedly walk!Since the girlfriend along with Zhou Peng, I for the sake of money to sell their own body woman is very disgusted, think they are whore, cheap things.Although before also spent money to look for young lady!While I was waiting for the beautiful woman to call me out, the bathroom door was suddenly pulled open!”Why don’t you come out?”The beauty changed a pink sleepiness, the face of a flush, wearing a pair of slippers on a face to mask forced me to say.”That, I also don’t know you and the guest want to talk how long ah, so……”I hurriedly explained.Then she gave me an unprovoked look and told me that she wanted to take a bath and let me have a rest on the sofa in the living room.I nodded and left the bathroom.Soon the sound of the water spread out, think of the beauty in the cleaning of their own body filth, I can’t help rising out of the contempt of the heart.I just want to wait for the bath, and then thanks to leave……(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!