Enping set up a number of free nucleic acid sampling sites!It’s all here

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As the Spring Festival holiday return peak is coming, the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Team of Enping COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters would like to remind all citizens who have recently come to Enping to take a nucleic acid test within 48 hours before arriving in Enping and return to Enping with negative nucleic acid test report.Those who do not have a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours are advised to report to the village (neighborhood) committee, work unit or hotel immediately upon arrival in Enping, take good personal protection, go to the nearest nucleic acid testing site for nucleic acid test, and strengthen self-health monitoring.From now until the Spring Festival, jiangmen has set up free nucleic acid sampling sites in all towns (streets) and traffic stations. People from outside (returning) to Enping can take the time to go to the nearest nucleic acid sampling sites and receive free nucleic acid testing services based on their travel codes.Where can I test it?(1) During the period of free nucleic acid testing, those who take public transport to or from Jiangmen outside The city and take the initiative to go to the nucleic acid sampling site of the station with ticket or travel code can receive one free nucleic acid testing service;The rest of jiangmen residents from outside (returning to enping) can take the initiative to go to the nearest nucleic acid sampling site and receive a free nucleic acid testing service with their travel code.The list of sampling sites for nucleic acid testing is as follows :(2) the duration of free nucleic acid sampling sites depends on the specific situation. For details, please follow the public account “enping release”.Method 1: Open wechat and scan “Yue Nucleic Acid 6” (Please identify “Yue Nucleic Acid 6” for Jiangmen scanning code) Method 2: Long press “Yue Nucleic Acid 6” to open the mini program Method 3:3. Click “Routine Sampling”. 4. Input personal information accurately (name, phone number, ID number, etc.) and save the information.5. Save the QR code in the screenshot and show it to the staff to read the information during nucleic acid sampling to reduce waiting time.If there is no screenshot, scan the QR code of “Yuyunucleic Acid 6” again to display it.No matter you come to Enping for tourism, work, family reunion or return to Enping after the holiday, we encourage you to take a nucleic acid test on your own initiative. Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s take action together and actively cooperate with various epidemic prevention and control measures.Thank you for your understanding and support!I wish you good health!All the best!Editor: Tan Yuanyan