Chinese football has been reformed for 30 years, which is completely contrary to the achievements achieved by the country’s reform and opening up

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The reform of Chinese men’s football in the past 30 years is completely contrary to the achievements achieved by the country’s reform and opening up.The reason behind this is that the cause and effect have been reversed and the country has failed to blaze its own path based on reality and national conditions.On the first day of the Lunar New Year, China’s men’s national football team gave its people a great gift, losing 3-1 to Vietnam to go down 2-0 in just over 10 minutes.There is no need for such a team to exist.The most basic motivation of the country’s reform and opening up is how to get rid of poverty, poverty is not socialism, and then Chinese people look to the world (external reasons), play their own intelligence and study hard (internal reasons), and work hard to change the world pattern.Football reform was built from the start on the premise that there was no shortage of money.Hiring foreign coaches at sky-high prices, Chinese men’s football super national treatment, “naturalized” foreign players at sky-high prices…None of the major decisions is to find internal causes and let the players through hard work, catch up with the world’s advanced.The problems of Chinese men’s football team are manifested in three aspects.One is that there are no small goals and no big goals.Some might say “into” the World Cup final is the goal, this only is the goal of a hole, because want to into the World Cup final, need to win the tournament rivals have a chance to get into the final, only big goals, not how to defeat the way to the World Cup competition measures, called the most visionary.The second is that the rewards for athletes violate economic laws.It is patently absurd for many critics to blame football’s population for the defeat.Normally there are thousands of professional football, in these thousands of people pick 20 people is not difficult, but a look at player salary, silly.The old saying “under the big prize there will be a brave man” to the men’s football team why failure?Usually take 100 to him 10000000, 100 times heavy award.Usually take 80 million, give him 800 million, although the figure is astronomical, but the temptation is low.Brainless personage spends people’s intention blindly, the result raises a batch of parasitic aristocrats in football industry.Third, the athletes’ sense of honor is indifferent.The entire football rentier class has no national honor, from the top to consider their own interests.To solve the problem of Chinese men’s football not playing well, it is not the problem of “courage after shame”, but to completely change the mechanism, reduce the status of men’s football in the whole sport, let football return to an ordinary sport.Chinese men’s football team should attract talents who truly love the game, have professional dedication and sense of national and national honor, rather than those who are corrupt and selfish and greedy.In the achievement of progress, then give high rewards and treatment, interests and achievements linked, resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of unearned.If Chinese men’s football wants to take to the world, it must solve three problems.One is to choose good athletes.Under the auspices of provincial sports bureaus, provincial auditions will be held to form provincial teams, and the national football team will be selected on the basis of provincial teams.At the same time, schools and social groups are encouraged to participate in the league, find football elite, and then go to the national training, all elite teams, to become famous.Money is well spent.Li Xiaopeng: The loss was due to the design of the game, the team played too nervous.The second is to hand over military training to the troops.To be Asia’s best requires skill, not just physical fitness and discipline.To fundamentally reform, scraping bone healing, in order to reach the shore.The selection of players must be fair, fair and open to those who really love football and have real high standards, not those young footballers who sneak into the national team for money or fame.Chinese football is not good, there must be something wrong with the management.It is necessary for Chinese men’s football team to implement quasi-militarized management.The threshold for low quality players should be high, as the national team, must have ideas, discipline, culture, morality, not to be called into the national team without the belief to win glory for the country.Third, make reasonable salary.Look at the men’s salary table at a glance, with money thrown out of the Chinese men’s football can win the battle?Ordinary people hard work several lifetimes coolie also can not earn on the football player’s salary in January, comfortable environment let them hard work?Good football is bad football.Great country men’s football should kick so, really heartache!Capital into, the spirit of death, national foot death.Chinese men’s football team pursues enjoyment, high salary and high treatment, and there is no heart to play. Besides, when we go to Vietnam to play, private materials will be pulled around by several carts, and it will be strange if we don’t lose the game. Such national football team has disappointed the Chinese people, and it is better to disband as soon as possible.Under the double reduction policy, how many parents would like their son to play football now?Grab from the baby looks like just a hundred years of empty talk, can never be implemented.