An Yixuan husband was caught, look at the couple’s assets, bold and threatening, riches and honour beyond imagination

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While everyone was busy celebrating the New Year, An was having a bad time.On January 29, media reported that Chen Ronglian, An yixuan’s husband, was involved in the Rice washing case.He was taken away by police, handcuffed and hooded at all times.Macao police department spokesman held a press conference to confirm the news, said: Chen Ronglian has been arrested, suspected of illegal gambling, money laundering.During the examination, although the other party refused to cooperate, the police determined that the case and the Zimihua case were the same.For a time, An Yixuan from everyone envy rich wife, into some poor female star.But it doesn’t have to be.Although Ms. Chen’s arrest could lead to confiscation of her assets, Mr. An’s quality of life isn’t necessarily affected.Data shows that Chen Ronglian once worked as a “stack code boy” when he was young, relying on introducing new guests to the casino, allowing guests to make a living on loans.Chen was smart, and he was in the golden age of Macau’s gaming industry, so he was good at seizing opportunities and grew quickly to become a big man in the industry.Chen Ronglian made his fortune after the gambling industry more and more, in 2007, the establishment of dejin Group, and developed into only the second sun City gambling hall group.Dejin business not only in Macao, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, also contracted a lot of gambling halls, pot full.In addition to gambling, Chen Ronglian also entered the resident industry.Although the legal person of Lihu (Fujian) Real Estate Development Co., LTD is not Chen Ronglian, one of the shareholders of Rongjun Investment development is Chen Ronglian’s subsidiary.Dejin Group, chaired by Chen Ronglian, has many subsidiaries in mainland China, including Zhuhai Deli, Dejin, Dexian Investment Management Co., LTD., Zhuhai Dejin Electronic Technology Co., LTD., etc.In addition to the above industries, Chen Ronglian also served as ruyi International Group, Shanghai Baijia Le Cinema Investment Co., Ltd. and other enterprises chairman, known as the CEO of ten billion.Chen Ronglian donated money everywhere and won many titles.During the epidemic, he donated 20 million yuan to fight the epidemic.Five months before her death, Chen had donated 5 million yuan to an education development fund for a center in Jinjiang.However, Chen ronglian has a low-key nature, and there was little media coverage of her marriage to An.An yixuan’s birthday, in addition to the luxurious birthday banquet, gifts are also expensive.He has sent three diamond rings, two are 5.02 carat and 10.57 carat respectively, in addition to the diamond ring carat number is big enough, carat number is also very exquisite.5.02 carat means “my beloved wife”, 10.57 has the meaning of “perfect my wife”.And a pair of iron coil diamond wedding rings, designed by a well-known Jewelry designer in Taiwan.The three sets add up to hundreds of millions of Taiwan dollars, or more than 22 million RMB.Rich romantic, as expected direct rough.On one birthday, he gave a diamond necklace worth about 13.7 million yuan.2020 Mother’s Day, bought a hermes bag worth 100,000 yuan, let his wife “bag” cure a hundred diseases.When it comes to gifts, Chen Ronglian likes to give watches the most. It is said that the first gift after they met is a watch.For their wedding anniversary in 2018, he gave a limited edition Cartier Jaguar Rose-encrusted diamond watch worth 3.24 million yuan.It’s like wearing a house on your hand.On Valentine’s Day in 2020, he gave a Rolex diamond watch worth about 870,000 yuan.An Yixuan for her husband watch shop platform, coincides with the cold weather, Chen Ronglian love her, sent a value of about 1.94 million yuan Corum gold bridge watch comfort.Married a year, an Yixuan pregnant, but is an ectopic pregnancy, surgery.Mr. An was discharged from the hospital after a four-day stay.In addition to taking care of him all the time, Chen ronglian also gave his wife millions of watches to comfort her.The gift of a million-dollar watch is as random as a red envelope. Who can resist that?Because Chen Ronglian sent the table is too straightforward, originally two years for a new watch, no requirements for the watch style an Yixuan, now also pay more attention to the taste of the table.In July 2019, An Yixuan gave birth to her son. Chen Ronglian was very happy and gave her 4 luxury villas with a total price of 600 million yuan.Buy a house and buy vegetables as random, a send is four, bold and threatening.Calculate down, these years an Yixuan light received Chen Ronglian gifts, almost worth more than one billion.An yixuan gave birth to his second child. Chen Ronglian bought 1.28 billion shares of Reed Macau over 1.344 billion yuan, becoming the largest shareholder of Reed Macau.Li jun had acquired the gambling king has a stake in Macao’s fisherman’s Wharf investment, so chan Yuen-jen santai shares 16.28% ranked third.With a 20.75 per cent stake, Mr Chen is not only a major shareholder, but Mr An also benefits.So although Chen is responsible for millions of yuan a year in child support with his ex-wife’s daughter, as well as a yacht and shares worth nearly 1.6 billion yuan to his eldest daughter, An doesn’t mind.After all, she would have gained more had nothing happened.Two people to travel, Chen Ronglian also do all the trip, no matter travel or living, are top standard, a plane spent 80 thousand.In fact, before he married Chen Ronglian, An Yixuan was a real rich woman.Unlike Mr Chen, who started with nothing, Mr An was born into a wealthy family.His grandfather had once been an official, and his grandmother was a well-known “great landlord Granny Wu” who owned a lot of land.According to Taiwan media, Taipei zhongxiao East Road shops are her milk tea shop and playground.Ann’s father is good at making money. He runs a security company and owns a lot of property.After her parents divorced, Ann’s father was very strict with her, so that she was able to manage the family business.So, even if he didn’t start out, He was very good.Living in such a family, it is no wonder that Ahn has always been known as princess Ann.Although An yixuan comes from a wealthy family, she has always worked hard.An made her debut in 2000 with the idol drama “Spicy Fresh Chef”, and rose to fame in 2004 with the role of the innocent Pei Yuyan in “Douyu”.In 2005, An played Lin Yueru in Chinese Paladin, which was well known by mainland audiences.After opening Taiwan, the mainland market, An Yixuan received the play soft.Sometimes three or four movies a year.It is estimated that her average annual income in the past ten years will reach 40 million yuan, which means that she will earn about 400 million yuan in ten years.After learning a lot of real estate investment skills from his grandmother, An Yixuan spent most of his money on real estate and increased his assets several times.Before their marriage, An lived in a neihu mansion in the same neighborhood as Chen, worth more than 20 million yuan.He drives a $2 million limited-edition sports car.She was once photographed shopping with her friends in Bellavita, a popular luxury department store in Taipei, picking out mattresses worth about 800,000 yuan.After his marriage, Mr. An rarely acted and lived a prosperous life.Often on the social platform to post life, let a person very envious.She lived in a mansion with endless corridors like a palace.Mr. An loves sculpture, and his mansion is filled with valuable collections.An Yixuan takes a fancy to a giant copper cast elk, it is the international sculptor CAI Zhisong’s work, Chen Ronglian said nothing, through various channels, spend 5 million yuan to buy to place home.Inside, on the steps, there is said to be a painting by the late Chinese-French painter Zao Wou-ki, worth at least 100 million yuan.In 2018, a Zhao Wouji painting sold for 460 million yuan.After big S and Wang Xiaofei divorced, and Wang Xiaofei rumors of an Yixuan was praised very good husband, said an Yixuan is very prosperous husband luck.But who can expect, an Yixuan’s husband has overturned, her “prosperous husband luck” is also too much.An Yixuan husband forwardly gift, we all think because Chen Ronglian love An Yixuan very much, but Chen Ronglian so generous, more important because the money is too easy.Not too much hard work to earn back, but also can not love blink of an eye to spend.When he was used to such a luxurious life, it was hard to stop.Therefore, even though Zimihua was caught, Chen Ronglian still did not repent.Although it is not clear whether An Yixuan know Chen Ronglian black material, however, her husband’s family should be temporarily over.However, there are female star aura, holding a lot of property in hand, and her family is also very rich, surely An Yixuan’s future will not be bad, star rich family really we can not compare ah.