Xuanwei two elderly sudden illness police braved snow relay emergency hospital

2022-05-10 0 By

Palm qujing news on February 3, Xuanwei City Wude town, Longtan town two old people suddenly ill, due to the heavy snow road can not be sent to the hospital, Xuanwei city public Security Bureau immediately after receiving the alarm to carry out rescue, timely two old people to hospital treatment.Around 10 PM, Wude police station received a report from the public that his father had a perforated stomach and was in urgent need of hospital treatment, but the road was frozen and he could not travel.After receiving help, wude police station immediately drove a police car to the patient’s home.At the same time, the special police brigade, west Jersey police station immediately arranged police to meet, and do a good job of road security work.Along the way, the police car sped, sirens, the relevant vehicles have to get out of the way, a “green life channel” unblocked, the whole journey only with more than an hour, they arrived in Xuanwei City second people’s Hospital, police immediately with medical staff will be sent to the emergency room.At 12 o ‘clock, the command center received an alarm from the people of Dapo Village, Longtan Town: his mother suffered from cerebral hemorrhage is being rushed to the hospital for treatment, but due to heavy snow road closure, the vehicle is moving slowly, request help.After receiving the alarm, the command center immediately instructed the special police brigade, Wude police station to longtan town direction to receive patients.At 13:30, the special police brigade, the police from Wude Police Station and the staff of the Wude Town Health Center overcame numerous difficulties such as frozen roads and traffic congestion to deliver the patient to Xuanwei Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in time.At present, two elderly people are hospitalized.Lv Linyan