The origin of “Miss Daughter”.What are the historical allusions?

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In ancient times, people respected the rich family, official family unmarried women as “Daughter of gold”.Where did that come from?What’s the story?There are three theories about the origin of “Miss Qianjin”.Theory 1: Originated from Wu Zixu’s “jinbaode” in Liyang, Jiangsu province, the most popular folklore is the story of Shi Zhennu.The story is that in 522 BC, Fei Wuji, a bootlicker in the state of Chu, stabbed king Ping and killed Wu Zixu’s father and brother.Wu Zixu ran away, on the way through a lot of suffering, zhao Pass, through Liyang, really very hungry, to the seto river a washerwoman begging, after eating he let the woman to keep secret, the girl for Wu Zixu rest assured, holding the stone sink.Wu Zixu finally fled to the state of Wu and attacked the state of Chu with the help of wu.In 506 BC, Wu Zixu led the Wu army to defeat the Chu army, dug up the tomb of the late King Ping and beat his body, and pursued the successor King Zhao of Chu.Wu Zixu in The Kingdom of Wu, think of washerwoman when a meal of grace, because I do not know washerwoman family address, back to the seto river, the daughter into her diving place.(The statue of Shi Zhennu in Liyang Phoenix Park) The story of Wu Zixu’s daughter’s devotion to virtue has been spread with certainty and credibility among the people in Liyang.And in the history · Wu Zixu biography, there is no record of Wu Zixu to the laundry female daughter to repay virtue, only recorded a fisherman to help Wu Zixu across the river, Wu Zixu solution under the sword gift, the fisherman bosom righteousness, did not accept the sword story.Go to other countries, take advantage of the shame of snow father…To Zhaoguan, Zhaoguan to hold it.Wu Xu hence and win single step, a few can not take off.The pursuer followed.To the river, there is a fishing father boat on the river, know wu Xu urgent, but wu Xu.After wu Xu crossed over, he solved his sword and said, “This sword is straight and 100 gold, with my father.”My father said, “The law of the State of Chu was awarded fifty thousand stones by Wu Xu, and GUI, an official of the jue, was a hundred gold swords evil!”Don’t take it.Wu Xu not to Wu and disease, check the middle road, begging.In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the local history of Wu and Yue, Yue Jue Shu, recorded that Wu Zixu was helped by a woman who drowned herself in a river in order to keep faith, but there is no record that Wu Zixu later threw himself into jin Bao De.”Yue Jue Shu · King Jingping’s Internal Biography No. 2” is recorded as follows: “Zixu set out to liyang boundary, saw a woman hit catkin in the water, Zixu said: ‘How can I have to trust food?’The woman said,’ No.’Rice is handed out, the rice is washed clean and eaten.Zi Xu ate and left, and said to the woman, ‘Mask your pot milk, do not make it exposed.’The woman said,’ No.’Zixu line five steps, also take care of the woman, since longitudinal in the water and died.”Eastern Han Dynasty, the record of the Spring and Autumn and warring States period wu, the two countries history of historiology works “Wu Yue Spring and Autumn”, not only recorded wu Zixu to wash clothes female begging, wash clothes female suicide plot, but also clearly recorded Wu Zixu after many years to repay the matter of gold.”Wu Yue Spring and Autumn annals” “Wangliao Childe Light biography third” records: “Zi Xu silent, to Wu.Disease in the middle, begging liyang.The women beat on the wrasse…Son xu Line, back, the woman has since cast in seto water yi.”According to the fourth biography of He Neihuan in the Spring and Autumn Annals of the Wuyue Period, “Zi Xu waited on the water in Liyang, but Chang Taixi said, ‘I starved here and begged for food from a woman, who fed me, so I drowned.Will want to reward a hundred gold, and do not know its home.’But into the waters of gold.”In the Tang Dynasty, the story of Wu Zixu’s donating jin Baode became more detailed, and the washerwoman had a specific surname and her lineage became more and more clear.Legend that year to help Wu Zixu woman surnamed Shi, Huangshan li Liyang, her father died early, in order to support her mother, she did not marry at the age of 30, after the seto shore of the maternal grandfather to learn textile.There she saved wu’s son, later generations called Shi Zhen nu.In order to commemorate Shi Zhennv and promote her spirit of faith, people built the Temple of Zhennv and the Temple of Zhennv at the place where she threw herself into the water, which is commonly known as “Goddess Temple of Silk washing”.The great poet Li Bai traveled here and was moved by the story of Shi Zhennv. He was entrusted by the local magistrate and wrote the Inscription of The Virtuous Virtuous Maiden in Liyang Seshui.(Li Bai statue) “Liyang Seshui Zhen Yi Nvstele” (excerpt) : zhen yi nvstele, liyang Huangshan shi shi’s daughter also, home liyang, Shi Que book.At the age of thirty, fu moved days to people, Qing Ying white, mother pure filial piety.Catkin and not turtle, body stroke drift from industry….Whole person self – sinking, shape and mouth out.Through the ages, sound ling floating clouds.Excited section will be avenged, snow cheng undoubtedly land.Hard zai!!…Can can virgin, lonely cold door.On no day, under the mother grace.Spring breeze thirty, flowers fall silent.Is such as the people, excited drift clean source.Bilusu hands, haunts the ripples.Think not, bingjie and save.Wu Xu ran east, begging for food here.The woman divided the kettle and died.The sound moves the nations, the righteous man.Ying whip corpse, also Wu Xuebian.Good faith and good faith.Mingqianqiu, such as the moon in water.Here we can see, “Wu Yue Spring and Autumn annals” records and folklore, said that Wu Zixu put money to repay a laundry woman is “100 gold”, rather than gold.Moreover, “qian Qian” is used to refer to a noble unmarried woman, while a washerwoman is a civilian woman living at the bottom of society, and is obviously not the same as a high-status “Miss Qian Qian”.Therefore, until the Tang Dynasty, there was no saying that “qianjin” was used to refer to a woman of a rich family.To the Ming Dynasty, it was clear that the account of Wu Zixu’s daughter to repay virtue.For the story of Wu Zixu to return laundry women, The Ming Dynasty Feng Menglong’s “Eastern Zhou Dynasty Chronicles” has a more vivid and detailed record: The wu and Mi Sheng then went to Wu, travel to Liyang, hungry and begging for food, met a woman, square washing on the water, cabinet has food, the wu stopped and asked: “Madam can leave a meal?”The woman bowed her head and replied, “My concubine lives alone with my mother and is not married at thirty. How dare I sell food to a traveler?”The officer said: “some in a desperate, willing to beg for a meal from the live, madam relief of the de, and what is it?”The woman looked up and saw the tall and tall man. “I looked at you,” she said. “I looked like a very human being.Then send its rice, take the rice paste, kneel and enter, xu and win a meal and stop.The woman said, “Your majesty seems to be on a long journey. Why not have enough to eat?”The two of them dined again, and when they left, they said to the woman, “Your ladyship’s grace for saving your life is in your heart. If you meet another man, I hope your ladyship will not speak of it.”The woman sighed sadly and said, “Excuse me, I serve my widow before she has stood up for thirty years. I am virtuous and clear from the arrow. How could I feed a meal to a man for talking to him?Wu member don’t go, line a few steps, look back at it, this female embrace a big stone, from the seto water and died, later generations have a cloud: The Yang of Lishui, beat the cotton of the female, but the mother meal, not male language.Pity this traveler, sent his basket cabinet, your belly is full, my festival is dysfunction.Donated this whisht body to save pot moment, wrasse stream is endless, I whisht down through the ages!When the officer saw the girl drowning, he was so sad that he bit his finger and scratched two crosses of blood on the stone. He said, “You wash silk, I beg, I’m full, you drown.Ten years later, gold for virtue!That is to say, in the Ming Dynasty, there was the saying that qianjin was a good deed. Legend has it that in order to commemorate this faithful and noble woman, people called the noble unmarried woman “Qianjin”, which is the origin of Miss Qianjin.Obviously, we can see from the records of the past dynasties that the story of Shi Zhennu is constantly enriched and interpreted by later generations, and its authenticity is not high.Moreover, the poet Li Bai mentioned that the washerwoman “died of being drowned”, and the cause of death is also questionable.9. It is not reasonable for a washerwoman to throw herself into the river. Even if she wants to keep her faith and secrets, she can either leave the scene immediately or remain silent to her pursuers.Moreover, her voluntary suicide is only a one-sided word of Wu Zixu, will not be Wu Zixu killed, also unknown.It doesn’t matter if the story is true or false, what matters is that the spirit of the story is worth carrying forward.Abiding by morality became people’s faith.As a result, the local temple of the virgin was built and the tomb of the virgin was built.In “Liyang County annals” recorded: “there is the so-called wooden ladle pocket, the tomb of the virgin in yan, must be about gold seto also”.The tomb of zhen Nu is located in mudiopou Village, Xixu Village Committee, Nandu Town, Liyang city, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, about three miles west of where Shi Zhen Nu threw herself into the river.Zhen Nvtomb was confirmed as a cultural relic protection unit by Liyang Municipal government in 1999.There are also people who believe that the term “daughter of a rich family” should be derived from the story that princess Guantao spent thousands of dollars to ask Sima Xiangru to write “Changmen Fu” for her daughter Chen Ajiao.During the reign of Emperor Jingdi of the Han Dynasty, Princess Guantao, the daughter of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, was adept at political maneuver and successfully helped her nephew Liu Che ascend to the throne.After liu Che ascended the throne, he became emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty.Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty fulfilled his promise of “keeping a beautiful house in a golden house” and conferred the title of empress on Chen Ajiao, the daughter of Princess Guantao.Empress Chen is the descendant of Chen Ying, the founding hero of the Western Han Dynasty, but also the granddaughter of Emperor Wen of Han Dynasty.But she failed to give birth to children for emperor Wudi, after the “witch case” into the cold palace “Changmen Palace”.Guan Tao princess love daughter heart, spend a thousand pieces of money please big writer Sima Xiangru wrote the famous “Changmen fu”, expressed the heart of a Jiao sad sad lonely.Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty was touched and briefly spoiled A Jiao, which is the allusion to “a thousand pieces of gold to buy fu”.It is recorded in The Anthology of Zhaoming Literature that empress Chen, emperor Xiaowu, was jealous of her fortune.Don’t brood in changmen Palace.I heard that Xiangru, a sima from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was working in the world as a writer. He took wine for Xiangru wen with a hundred jin of gold.With Xiangru as the master of wen and Wu, Empress Chen regained her marriage.”Chen and Princess Guantao can afford to spend money on their daughter’s happiness.Chen Ajiao is the royal family, noble identity, also fully bear the name of “daughter miss”.Therefore, some people think that “qianjin buy fu” reflects the noble honor of the rich family young lady, is the real source of “qianjin young lady”.Theory 3: From praising men gradually evolved for the son of Heaven or the emperor’s daughter, called “princess”.The word “princess” appeared from the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.When the emperor marries his daughter to a vassal, he does not officiate the marriage, but the vassal of the same surname, Dukes, officiates the marriage.The daughter of the emperor was called “princess” when the duke married her.For the daughters of ordinary officials or rich families, the term “Daughter of gold” actually comes from the praise of men.The word “gold” has a long history. At first, it refers to the preciousness of things, but later it extends to the value of people’s promises and time, such as a word, a word, a smile, a moment, a promise, and a thing.The word “qianjin” was first used to refer to people in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, and was used to praise men.At the age of 10, He could write very good articles. He was deeply loved by his father, Xie Zhuang, who often took him with him.The prime minister, Wang Jingwen, praised Xie zhuang’s son to his face, saying, “A wise son is called a prodigy, and a later teda.”Xie zhuang also put his hand on his son’s back and said, “You are the daughter of my family.”Since Cheryl was praised as a “daughter of gold,” the word has been used for a long time to refer to outstanding, talented and good-looking young men.It was not until the Yuan and Ming Dynasties that the girl was called Qianjin or Miss Qianjin.The earliest written record of the use of “qianjin” to refer to a woman appeared in the Yuan Dynasty drama Xue Rengui Returned to His Hometown written by zhang Guobin, a composer: “You are the daughter of an official family, please be stable.”In huaben novels after the Ming and Qing dynasties, it became common to call unmarried women from rich families “qiaobang”.To sum up the three views, the author believes that the third view is more reliable, more realistic.The first two sayings, whether “a thousand pieces of gold offer virtue” or “a thousand pieces of gold buy fu”, have more elements in folklore, and their authenticity needs to be questioned.