Nanjing streets have appeared “open the door to kill”, the traffic police issued a reminder

2022-05-10 0 By

Yangtse Evening News network On February 18 (reporter Guo Yipeng correspondent Wang Lixia Wenjuan) the door of the car, no more common in the daily use of an action, but hidden great security risks.Not long ago, Nanjing traffic police seven brigade receive command center notice, district adjacent road there is a traffic accident need to deal with.Traffic police arrived at the scene to find a middle-aged woman lying on the ground, beside a collapsed electric bike.Traffic police learned that the driver Wang mou in order to facilitate a friend to get off, has not stopped the car in the parking space will let a friend off first.The friend opened the door without careful observation before getting off, resulting in a collision with the electric bike driver.The accident caused injuries to the cyclist, wang some door damage.At present, the accident is still under investigation.At the same time, Tangshan traffic police squadron received a report, a car door and electric bicycle collision, someone suffered a slight scratch.After receiving the police, the traffic police rushed to the scene immediately.It is understood that Wu drove along Tangquan East Road from east to west to royal luxury hotel intersection temporary parking, rear passengers did not observe the rear door in advance, the results opened the door with the rear bicycle Zhu hit.Accident caused electric bicycle damage and Zhu instep abrasions, traffic police car owners and passengers were criticized education, and identified Wu to bear all responsibility for this accident.Traffic police remind, after the motor vehicle parking, open the door, be sure to carefully observe the surrounding vehicles, pedestrians traffic conditions, in the premise of ensuring safety and then open the door;Whether the driver or passengers, do not push out the door, to open a small gap, check the rear situation, confirm safety and then open the door to get off, to avoid traffic accidents.Proofreading su Yun source: Purple Cow News