“Country Love 14” premiere, did not think of Nicholas “four elder brother” calligraphy has hit the hot list

2022-05-10 0 By

Country love along the way, has 14 shot, are adored by people, especially the rural breath, not only real, but also create a new atmosphere of new rural area, not wanted to, “country love 14” first aired, “four” calligraphy, Nicholas was washed up on the hot search list, also become the focus of mass communication,Many friends see “four” Nicholas’s calligraphy is full of praise, even said “this is in for a calligrapher’s bread and butter”, there are friends said “like teacher, like pupil”, even said “this is typical of river’s lake body”, for “four” Nicholas’s calligraphy, is debated, although such, also did not stop his enthusiasm,In the studio to write, let us enjoy Nicholas “four elder brother” calligraphy works.Believe everyone is familiar to the image of the “four” Nicholas, his role, have got the perfect positioning, again want to go beyond, I’m afraid is difficult, especially the unique individual character, let a person feel a real strength, and for his calligraphy, did not know a lot of friends, haven’t wanted to, he is good at calligraphy, it also makes a lot of fans friends surprised, actually,We also found that Zhao benshan himself was not only good at calligraphy, but also influenced a group of disciples, such as Liu Xiaoguang, Tang Jianjun, Song Xiaobao and so on.From the “four” Nicholas’s calligraphy works, it is absolutely and athletic, but seem to have a certain lack of writing in imitating, kung fu, but from the perspective of the fluency of his writing, is also pretty good indeed, whether it is a pen, or a line of polishing, or words and structure, seems to be that one thing, it is no wonder that there are many fans hot list,Think his calligraphy is even better than the calligrapher, but there is no lack of his star effect, which we must be sober to recognize, in the studio selling calligraphy works of the star is also less?We’ve all seen it many times.Nicholas “four elder brother” although is also selling calligraphy works, but his calligraphy, relatively speaking, or pretty good, at least write is fluent, and netizens said “better than ugly books”, for Nicholas “four elder brother” calligraphy, what do you think?Talk to each other and share likes.