Taiping shipping will severely punish the behavior of misreporting and concealing the weight of goods, 30,000 USD/box!

2022-05-09 0 By

On February 16, The Pacific Shipping Company issued a notice regarding the charge for cargo weight misstatement.The shipping company said in the notice that from the date of the notice (February 16), the company will impose a uniform fee of us $30,000 per natural container on the shipper or consignee worldwide for understating the weight of the cargo in excess of the maximum rated container capacity according to the Pacific Shipping/carrier rate.”False declaration and concealment” in the notice includes but is not limited to false declaration, overdue declaration, overdue change or omission declaration.In addition, the Shipper or consignee will be responsible for all subsequent remedies, lawsuits, fines, obligations, losses, delays, damages and other costs resulting from false reporting and concealment.Please refer to Pacific Shipping bill of lading terms for details.Please note that misstatement of cargo weight constitutes a breach of contract, a violation of applicable law, endangers lives and adversely affects the normal operation of the entire supply chain.Pacific completion notice is as follows: