Self-test short answer tips, who hasn’t got it yet

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Is everybody ready to go?Ready to take it all in!After a week to sign up for the self-examination will begin do not know how you prepare for the examination?Small gather during the Chinese New Year received many examinee’s private letter “from the test is really difficult to top, light do simulation volume feel to top not live” especially the short answer may be the pain in the heart of a lot of students obviously the word count is enough but always can’t answer the point!Don’t panic!Short Answer Questions involve larger questions that ask you to state an opinion, explain a theory or provide proof, but there is a certain system to them.Answer clearly and succinctly, and don’t omit arguments or bases.Brief answer, highlight the key point, this is not only the brief answer content requirements, but also the characteristics of this type of questions.(1) What is the answer to the question? It is an easy question to answer in short answer.In your answer, just say “what”.For example, briefly describe the cultural functions of education.Answer: the cultural function of education basically reflects in the following respects: (1) education has transmit – preserve the function of culture.(2) Education has the function of disseminating and exchanging culture.(3) Education has the function of selecting and promoting culture.(4) Education has the function of creating and renewing culture.(2) How to highlight the practice process, emphasize specific methods, answer “how should”.To this kind of question, we should pay attention to the procedural nature of the operation, otherwise, the answer may be wrong.For example: what are the basic requirements for teachers to prepare lessons?Answer: prepare a class is the premise that teaches a good class, the teacher prepares a class to ask as follows: (1) the teacher prepares a class to want to do the job of 3 respects, study namely teaching material, understand a student, design to teach a method, prepare namely teaching material, prepare a student, prepare to teach a method.(2) Write three kinds of plans, namely, the teaching plan for the academic year, the project plan and the class plan.(3) Why?The key to this kind of question is to explain the reason clearly and make your arguments comprehensive.For example, why does education play a leading role in human development?A: Education plays a leading role in and promotes human development, especially the development of the younger generation.The reasons are as follows :(1) school education is a purposeful, planned and organized activity to train people;(2) School education is carried out by specially trained teachers, and relatively good results are achieved;(3) School education can effectively control and influence the various factors of students’ development.(4) Narrative concept To two easily confused concepts or ideas, to define, to distinguish.To answer this kind of question, the language must be concise, directly point out the difference, to meet the question requirements.Sometimes, the best way and the best strategy is to describe the concepts, and naturally talk out the differences without writing anything else.For example: What is the difference between recognition and recall?A: The concepts of recognition and recall are as follows: (1) Recognition, also called cognition, refers to the re-contact with the perceived object in the past, which is familiar with it and knows it is the perceived object.(2) Recall, also called reproduction, refers to the process of reappearing in the mind by other stimuli without the presence of the subject.Such a contrast between the two concepts is a display of difference.In the short answer, the simplest question is the memory question, which does not ask you to explain, but only asks you to grasp the whole.The characteristic of this kind of question is that one question has many main points to answer.For such a lot of points in the short answer as long as the main points can be written, do not have to explain each point, otherwise it will affect the speed of the whole test.For example: China’s new round of basic education curriculum reform of the specific goals?Answer: 6 specific goals of new course reform: (1) realize the change of course function.The three dimensional objectives of new curriculum teaching: knowledge and skills, process and method, emotional attitude and values;(2) Reflect the balance, comprehensiveness and selectivity of the curriculum structure;(3) Close the relationship between course content and life time;(4) Change students’ learning style and advocate independent, cooperative and exploratory learning style;(5) Establish evaluation and examination system consistent with the concept of quality education;(6) Implement the national, local and school curriculum management system.