Do you know the customs of Qinghai Spring Festival from the first day to the second day of February?

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The Spring Festival is the most traditional and important festival for The Chinese people. What are the traditional customs of the People in Qinghai province?Today, and xiaobian together to understand!Have a look at your year, have qinghai taste?The people of Qinghai attach great importance to uncle, regardless of marriage and funeral, they will put uncle in front of them. The so-called “uncle and nephew, breaking bones and connecting tendons”, there is an old saying: “Uncle is the Lord of bones.”It means uncle is a very close elder.Send the lamp is “nephew hit the lantern — according to uncle (old)”, reflects a different and other relatives between the blood feelings.In the old days, to take a prescribed gift.Urban people generally take cakes, tobacco, wine, fruit: in rural areas, in addition to dim sum, canned food, but also with steamed buns, li mo.General New Year’s greetings, just take dim sum or steamed stuffed bun on the line, string of relatives must bring ritual mo.If nephew goes uncle forgot or did not take the ritual bun (or with the ritual bun and uncle did not leave the ritual bun), it is said that the end of the relationship, uncle does not return the gift, also do not send the lamp, the second year, nephew also naturally no longer go to the New Year.To pay a New Year’s visit to my uncle’s house, my aunt would bring a bowl of steaming hand-pulled noodles, which is called “nian mian” in Qinghai, which means “nian mian”.The first day to the 12th day is referred to every day.Two chickens, two dogs, three pigs, four sheep, five oxen, six horses, seven men, eight grains, nine fruits, ten vegetables, eleven turnips, twelve garlic, and beyond thirteen is not counted.It is said that according to the Book of Accounts, the order from the first day to the 12th day is the order in which god created all things.Therefore, the weather of these 12 days became the basis of divination, farming and animal husbandry, to determine the plan for the coming year.Incidentally, people and grain complement each other, people rely on grain to live, grain depends on race, interdependent, lack of a can not.The most important, there is “seven not into, eight not out” pay attention to, in the outside of the people, the seventh day of this day do not enter the home, the eighth day of this day do not go out, protect the safety of people and valley.Before the fourth bogey, sweep rolling long kitchen knife sealed up New Year’s eve to the third, Qinghai people don’t sprinkle water, don’t sweep the floor, don’t carry water, don’t lose his temper, rolling pin and kitchen knife “sealed” up, the third afternoon grave, firing cannon to send god, to the fourth to use.After the fourth day of the first month, the general New Year’s greetings are basically over, starting from the sixth day by uncle to nephew to send lights.The fifth day is considered to be “five poor day”, why poor, it is because of the poor god of entangling, so that when you carry the back, left step left hole, right step right hole, everything in bad luck.Poor God has poor wisdom, poor learning, poor, poor life, poor.This big New Year’s day five days, you eat also eat good, drink also drink enough, this night eat bowl stir group, confused, send you should go back, don’t look back, call me peace.The big New Year’s day day cream play stuff cream bowl This Chinese New Year is believed to be deities happy ancestors and descendants, sweets they wax candle, incense, sacrifice wine delicious kang grandparents together, family reunion, to tell a quiet, peaceful, geely, taboo stuff dozen bowl, stir deities ancestors, these days the women to be very careful in the kitchen, who really don’t broke,Say “peace all year round” “Gong Xi Fa CAI” and so on, get a good mouth, speak a lucky.During the Spring Festival, everyone seems to have changed into a new person. They wear new clothes and hats. They are very polite and polite.See the elders knock a head, see the peer ask a good;Do not beat or scold children at home, do not quarrel, do not argue with others outside.According to the tradition, from the fourth day of the Lunar New Year to the Lantern Festival, people take the initiative to get together in the streets and lanes at dusk every day, taking advantage of the leisure after drinking after dinner, beating drums and singing taiping songs.The content of singing is looking forward to peace, pray auspicious meaning.Taiping song has become the old People’s Spring Festival party in Qinghai.In addition to singing the Taiping song, qinghai people love to play Shehuo. On the eighth day of the first lunar month, a new shehuo group rehearsed is staged in urban and rural areas one after another.To the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival to form a climax, 16 near the end of the seventeenth night, commonly known as “black seventeen” last performance, after all the performance activities will end.The Lantern Festival is on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Besides having a family reunion dinner, the most important activity for people in Qinghai is the wave Lantern Festival.In addition, people in some areas of Qinghai province also have the customs of fire and dragon dancing on the night of the Lantern Festival.After the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, people in the city begin to work for the New Year, while people living in the countryside are still immersed in the joy of the New Year. It is not until the second day of the second lunar month when the dragon raises its head and eats fried beans to break open the porridge eaten on laba that refreshed people begin to work and live in the New Year.Xihai Metropolis Daily statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: