Chegu second road viaduct box girder pouring completed

2022-05-09 0 By

Valley to the original title: car 2 completed viaduct box girder casting (reporter Li Xianhong, correspondent XiaoJun) on January 24 at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, the second shipping board of alternating dragon lingshan project constructed in wuhan by the open area to 2 elevated C ramp last league cast-in-situ box girder casting complete success, at this point, to 2 viaduct cast-in-situ box girder casting is completed, all for subsequent deck rapid construction provides a solid foundation.The total length of quanli Road 2 viaduct is 1.865 kilometers, including the main bridge connecting dongfeng Avenue A, B, C ramp Bridges.The pouring completed is the second C ramp, a total length of 108 meters, divided into three 36 meters across, pouring 835 square meters, pouring work lasted 8 hours, the construction volume is large, high technical difficulty.In the construction process, the Longlingshan project team of ccCCII Navigation Bureau overcame difficulties such as narrow site, weak foundation, pipeline relocation and underground obstacle treatment, adopted fine management, formulated reasonable construction plan, coordinated solution to various difficulties in construction, and ensured the smooth completion of cast-in-place beam.According to reports, full strength of the second road viaduct is expected to complete this year open to traffic, when will get through junshan and Che Gu wisdom city traffic arteries, achieve from The Mouth of 10 minutes by car to junshan new city, to accelerate the development of Junshan area, levering Che Gu deputy city and big Hanyang area to accelerate the rise play an important role.Source: Hubei Daily