Advanced version of the money to make money, how to earn the second bucket of gold

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Many people are stuck on the first pot of gold when it comes to money management.It’s not that you can’t save the first bucket of gold, but the card is spent after the first bucket of gold is earned, spent after the first bucket of gold is saved again, exists after the first bucket of gold is spent again, the cycle is repeated.Pure copper core wealth is stuck there.If you’re still on the verge of reaching your first pot of gold, here are three reasons why average people don’t make their first pot of gold.Today I’d like to share with you how to make your second gold after you’ve made your first.If you want to break through the current financial level, you have to look at the end of this, before we know how to make the second bucket, we have to understand how the way we make money is different when we make the first bucket.What was the way we did it when we had no money?It’s time to pay for it, whether it’s a part-time job or a very appropriate part-time job which is selling five days and a half hours to the boss.Although it is to provide a service with time, and then sell money, this I should not have to explain too much.The downside of this method of making money is that there is a limit to how much money we can make, because our time is limited.So today when we have our first bucket of gold, the first thing we break through from thinking is the time limit.Don’t let time limit our earning power, to learn to use our first bucket of gold to make money.I will talk about the way to make money first, and then I will talk to you about starting a business and saving the second bucket of gold.After my investigation summary, there are probably two ways to make money, one is investment, the other is trading.Now, the history of investing tells us that there are three ways to make money: business, real estate, and borrowing.Business is equity investment. Today, whether we open a milk tea shop or a coffee shop, we are buying the equity of that company in specific form.We have equity in the company, here we own the company, we own the business.Did you ever think that this equity could help us make money?There are two kinds of money that you can make from investing. One is the cash flow, which is the money that the business makes, and the company gets dividends.This is commonly known as the bonus, take the bonus to earn money is cash flow, another is the capital appreciation of money.For example, if you invest 100,000 yuan in a milk tea shop at the beginning, now the shop can earn 50,000 yuan a year.So others see your milk tea shop to make money, want to buy your milk tea shop bid 200,000.If you sell the milk tea shop, you make $100,000 in capital appreciation, which means you can make money by selling your shares.So basically if you invest in real estate, and this is the logic, the cash flow is the rent money.Capital appreciation is the money made by real estate. This business and real estate are common ways to make money. Generally, what we earn is the cash flow and the money from capital appreciation.Another potential way that a lot of people overlook is borrowing, where you lend money to someone else, and then over a certain period of time, they pay you back more money.This is really money to make money the same, ordinary people want to make money through borrowing, we can through lending fixed deposit, you see it lending fixed deposit in the form of asking you to borrow bank money this way, that other is friendship borrowing, there is to buy the bonds of the country company bonds or the fund of a few bonds.Let’s reflect on one thing. Have you ever felt that investing is complicated?But if you really look at it, the world has investments, which are essentially three kinds of business, real estate, and lending.All the investment commodities we see today are extensions of those three things.The business, for example, is this equity investment, buying the French IPO, the tier 2 market, or putting this stock together into various funds.Business is essential, and the principle of investment business is very simple, business makes money, investors make money is that simple.The investment forms of real estate are houses, shops, factories and so on. Derivative products are REITS (real estate funds). The investment principle is location, which determines the whole supply and demand.The loan is a state bond fund and so on.I’m almost done talking about the investment vehicles that are available in the market.Congratulations, you know exactly what investment is, and at this point you might say gold, bitcoin, that’s not investment, that’s trading.The second way we’re going to make money is trading.Trading is simply buying and selling.I like electronic products very much, so I like to buy this thing, mainly for interest, not for money, mainly for experience.After I buy it, I use it. I don’t want to sell it. I go to people who are desperate to get rid of it.Then I will buy with him, and then hang up to sell the difference, which is the same as doing wechat business buying and selling products, money to take the wholesale price, and then find buyers to buy, to earn the difference, this is the essence of the transaction, is to take goods with the supplier to sell to people in demand to earn the difference.Buy gold is not also the same, buy low, sell high, foreign exchange bitcoin those are also the same, the stock because of this high liquidity this characteristic.This short – term buying or selling or a little bit more colloquially speaking is those who fry the person is the difference that trades to earn.The biggest difference between trading and investment is that one is passive and the other is active.Why is it said that the transaction is voluntary.Because looking for a buyer this matter is to need to invest time, for example, fry every day to see this share price, because the share price shows is those buyers willing to buy the price.Wechat business is also to take the initiative to find buyers to sell goods.For trading, the amount of time we invest affects how much we make.That deal was important in helping us make our second dollar.Because trading helps us break the time limit, and the limit of making money is that the money we have is not time.For example, speculation foreign exchange a list to earn a percentage point.If we had $100,000, we’d make $1,000, and if we had $1 million, we’d make $10,000 for the same amount of time.So this is also why I often say that do not have money do not invest in stocks, because the profit is not much.Assuming we understand that the deal will break your time limit, we can move on to the next level.Trading time, selling other people’s time to sell to other people for a profit.A typical example is that I am not good at designing websites, but I am good at selling websites. I will buy other people’s time to build websites. It is just like some agencies who have not done this service themselves, but can help you connect these services and sell other people’s time as the product.Although it is said that the money earned is the same as working, is active income.But the advantage is that your earnings won’t be limited by time like the average wage earner.You have the money to buy someone else’s time, which is why it’s so important to make that first bucket of gold.So that’s all we have to say about the two ways that money can be made investing and trading so let’s wrap it up a little bit.Investment is the three main things, business, real estate, and loans, earning cash flow.There is also a capital increase transaction, which is to make money by looking for the price difference between the buyer and the seller.These two methods help us break through our time constraints and accelerate the rate at which we accumulate wealth.That’s when we talk about starting a business, a way to make a second fortune.What I want to say here is is it necessary to have the first bucket of gold, which means you need money to start a business, is it necessary to have money to start a business?Not necessarily, if you sell insurance, basically do not need capital.You don’t need the first bucket of gold to start a business.I thought about it and I don’t really need money to start a business.But generally speaking, one of the things you need to start a business is time.If we start a business, we need time to make products, or we need time to find customers, we make products, before finding customers, we need to eat, we have our basic living expenses.If we had the money today, we would have more time to get the product right and find customers.In this way, we will not give up entrepreneurship and go back to work because of the problem of insufficient funds or living expenses.If you have money, it means you have more choices.You’re not limited to just selling or selling services.You want to do trade, shop is OK, you have money you have a choice.We’ve talked about making money with money and starting your own business as two ways to make your second pot of money.What do you need to do if you want to land and make your second fortune?I’m just going to break it down into the average player and the advanced player, and the average player looks like this.Have a little money on the deposit, after some more that just put the money in the fund, and then a little more money each month, the investment of an investment property, charge some rent or rent out each month, value added a little each month, until the capital appreciation after selling out to make money, this is common practice.To speak plainly is to invest in buying funds is to invest in business, to buy a house is to invest in real estate, this situation is actually very good.Because there is a certain amount of passive income every month, there is a sum of assets in hand, so it is good enough not to work without affecting life.Have you ever wondered what advanced players would do?Advanced players do what is called three-pronged investing, trading and starting a business at the same time.Here’s what advanced players do, and it’s the same thing when they have money, they buy funds, they invest in a little bit of real estate.But the difference is that advanced players are constantly looking for deals, looking for deals.For example, the usual money is invested in stock funds, but will take a small amount of money out to see the kind of cryptocurrency, luxury investment, equity investment and so on will be cast a little, because there is an opportunity to cast, like buying lottery tickets have the same opportunity to cast.But the difference for advanced players is that no random shots count as a success rate.There is a common mind, because the trend is sometimes to wait, to have a common mind, said there is no matter.There’s a PhD, and then at the same time what you’re going to do is you’re going to add value to yourself and invest in yourself to take classes, to learn, to develop this capability, to increase your active income, or to give yourself an extra skill to do.It’s like editing a movie, you know, three things at a time.The first is usually this fund, real estate sesame slowly increase capital.The second deal gives you the experience of hitting the lottery.Third, in addition to your active income increase, cash flow is much, so the speed of the entire asset accumulation will be greatly accelerated.So your second pot of gold, your third pot of gold will be easy to save.To sum up, the focus of this second bucket of gold lies in the creation of these two words.Create profit points, before there was no money, opportunities are really few, we can only work hard with time to make money.First of all, with success, work is still the same to do.But the difference is, while working hard to earn money, use your first bucket of gold to help you create more experience.White point is just two words to create.Remember that in life we don’t wait for opportunities to happen, we create them.I hope today’s program has given you a different perspective on growing your wealth.If you know someone who has been working for a few years and is starting to make money but doesn’t know how to do it, share that side.