Pregnancy regrets list: Are you on it?

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Pregnancy is really a very emotional life journey for women. In the process of giving birth to a baby, not only the body will change a lot, but the whole spiritual world will also change with it.For those who have experienced pregnancy, in the first pregnancy, there will always be some regrets due to lack of experience, so in pregnancy, what is it that you did not do enough homework, now think of feel extremely regret?The baby at home has been 2 years old this year. When talking with other mothers, one question impressed me particularly, that is: “What is the most regrettable thing I have done during pregnancy?”I did my homework before I got pregnant, but there was one thing that tripped me up: not paying attention to preventing stretch marks.In fact, I prepared all kinds of skin care products to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, but I still got long lines. The main reason is that I did not stick to it, not because I was lazy, but because the taste of skin care products affected my sleep, and gradually I did not apply so hard.So the entire pregnancy, ran over the belly of stretch marks, although some late to intervention with this protects skin to taste, but, after all, long stretch marks is irreversible, although it is very regret, but also of no help, so advise you, mom, for stretch marks or to take preventive measures, to achieve the goal of “destroy”.In fact, many new mothers during pregnancy, have taken a lot of detours, so that when they think about it later, they will regret, even regret.Do you make the list of pregnancy regrets?No. 1: Not taking enough photos Pregnant women tend to put on weight and don’t always wear makeup to make themselves look good.So many mothers don’t even want to look in the mirror, let alone take pictures of themselves when they are pregnant.But once the baby is born, many mothers start to miss the time they were pregnant and wish they had taken more pictures so they could have a good memory of the time when the baby was still in the womb.After all, exercise really helps pregnant women deliver faster. Compared with more than ten hours of suffering, if you can deliver quickly, even if it is over an hour early, you can suffer a lot less.Many mothers say that their biggest regret is that they did not stick to the stretch mark cream when they were pregnant. Many people are still wearing it at the beginning, but later they read on the Internet or heard others say that it does not work, so they are too lazy to apply it.But in fact, whether pregnancy marks cream is useful, or to see the individual constitution, and the fact that: smear or have a great role, those who smear pregnancy marks cream, it is significantly less than the people who do not smear pregnancy marks.In addition, many mothers often regret the experiences they encounter during childbirth: such as not choosing a good delivery hospital, being subjected to violence in the delivery room, not having a good delivery experience, feeling passive during childbirth, and not learning childbirth knowledge well.It is worth noting that pregnant mother to do two hands around the island there is a friend, at the beginning of pregnancy, thinking that they can have a natural birth, so everything in accordance with the method of vaginal birth to prepare, but did not expect to wait until the fast birth of the outbreak of the epidemic, he did not go to the pregnancy test for several times.When the last pregnancy examination, it was found that the position of the baby was not correct, so I had to have a caesarean section, but all the relevant matters were prepared according to the natural birth, which made me in a hurry at that time, and all the previous plans were disrupted.Therefore, pregnant mother in pregnancy, also should pay attention to the best two hands to prepare, so as not to have a sudden change, affect the final production.Mother of bud care wants to say: in fact, if you want to have less regrets after birth, the most important thing is to have your own “childbirth blueprint” before birth, and make a childbirth plan on this basis, such as physical preparation, cognitive preparation of childbirth knowledge, and psychological preparation.While being prepared doesn’t guarantee you’ll be safe during childbirth, it’s the effort that keeps you from feeling regret.Topic of the Day: When you look back on your pregnancy, what do you regret?