Meixian County Changxing town held 2021 grassroots Party organization secretary grasp party construction work review conference

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On the afternoon of February 16, The town of Changxing held the 2021 annual review of the work of grassroots Party organization secretaries to grasp the Party construction and 2022 “clear banner to speak politics, firm faith to undertake the mission, honesty and self-discipline to set an example” discipline style rectification conference.Members of leading groups of towns, secretaries and deputy secretaries of party (general) branches of villages, communities and non-public enterprises and all party members and cadres of organs attended the meeting.The meeting by the town deputy party secretary, mayor Li Xiaobo presided over.At the meeting, zuo Jin, deputy secretary of the town Party Committee, arranged the activities related to the rectification of the town’s discipline and style of work, around strengthening six consciousness, with the way of “learning + research”, combined with the actual work, group research, in-depth search for outstanding problems, effectively promote the change of cadres’ style of work, in the whole town to form a good atmosphere for the secretary to start a business.Then the whole town villages, community party branch secretary and non-public party branch secretary of party branch secretaries to reporting on activities of grassroots party construction in 2021, the town party committee leadership team members to carry on the review, ask questions, and the work has made new demands, in 2022 to party construction template, the party construction of party construction procedure standardization, precision of choose and employ persons, the party building materials brand into a gripper,Promote changxing Town 2022 party construction work to improve, comprehensive excellent.At the end of the meeting, members of the participating leading groups, village cadres, village secretaries and deputy secretaries filled in the test and evaluation form on the spot, and selected 11 excellent Party organizations and 5 better Party organizations in 2021.The meeting proposed that the political consciousness of “self-revolution” should be used to promote the educational rectification, with a deep understanding of the necessity of carrying out the educational rectification is to promote the comprehensive strict party governance to the depth of the development of the inevitable requirements, is to comprehensively strengthen the work style construction of the cadre team, but also to achieve the high-quality development of Changxing.We need to have the political courage to address prominent problems with an “inward focus” and ensure that our work delivers real results with a strong political commitment.Finally feng Wei, secretary of the Party Committee of the town on the implementation of the spirit of the meeting stressed three points, one is to face up to their own problems, fully understand the importance of the construction of good discipline style, adhere to high standards, strict requirements, take practical and effective measures, solid promotion of discipline style of rectification activities.Second, we must conscientiously carry out self-examination and rectification, take the initiative to identify and identify problems, prevent understatement or evasion of real facts, and emphasize objectivity in analyzing the causes. We must identify problems and identify their causes, so as to ensure that centralized rectification results in real results.Third, to enhance the use of rectification results, focus on creating innovative learning, service standard type, fair and pragmatic, efficient and clean, unity and harmony model towns, with the actual effect of the construction of discipline and style of work to promote the town to a new level, with more excellent results to meet the party’s 20th congress!Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: