It’s the biggest cost of going to work

2022-05-08 0 By

More and more young people become living paycheck to paycheck, not only paycheck to paycheck, but also in debt.The old generation thrifts and likes to save money, while today’s young people “have money today, spend it today”. If they don’t have money today, they will spend it tomorrow. The younger generation advocates “carpe diem”.Now that most young people live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings, we work to earn money, but find that we work but do not save money, why is this?Let’s take a look.First of all, renting a house will take a large part of your salary. Some houses are still commercial, so they are more expensive.If you work locally or live with your parents, you can directly save a lot of money.The second should be the entertainment project.My own dinner with friends at ordinary times shopping frequency probably in two to three times a month, although in the first-tier cities, but each time the costs can be very good control at around $100 per capita, and is not as serious as you think so, of course, there are ordinary people, ordinary people rich, of course, also have a rich life, really need not too care about these, your happy,Eat enough and drink enough.Assuming, for a moment, that you’re single and unencumbed, you’re free to do whatever you want.On the other hand, you may be more busy, because after busy work, you will be able to support your life.There are all kinds of hidden consumption in our life, such as website membership, taxi fare that is late, umbrella that we have to buy temporarily in a convenience store when it suddenly rains, or take-out that we have to buy because we have to work overtime. All in all, it is also a big expense.Maybe this is the reason why young people are so keen on saving money and managing their finances. Having money is the real source of security.Today’s society encourages you to consume more and more, but still expects you to consume wisely.The only thing modern youth can give you a sense of security is money.