Dry rice person should buy Beijing modern IX35, RAV4 rongfang, or tuyue is better

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Thank god, we meet again. It’s great.Xiaobian has been waiting for you here for a long time. First of all, thank you for your patronage, and wish you a bright future, a prosperous business and a bright future. Then we talk about these vegetable cars today:As we all know, the seat space of SUV models is particularly large, not only with less fuel consumption, quality spectrum and other prominent advantages, at the same time, the power of the three are very grounded, is one of the main advantages that other models are difficult to break through, and then won the love of many girls, and every month’s sales are targeted.Today, the author will seriously talk about these 3 kinds of new models with good cost performance from the most objective vision for you. At the same time, there will be a lot of knowledge you unexpected, I hope you can be satisfied.The first model Beijing Hyundai IX35 price range: 129,800 ~ 155,800 sales profile of Beijing Hyundai IX35:Beijing modern IX35 is by Beijing modern manufacturer exclusive burnish, from launch the market up to now it is relatively times welcome on the market of course, in addition, Beijing modern IX35 final price is very earthing gas, got a lot of little brother little sister’s favor and praise at the same time.We have learned, Beijing hyundai ix35 over the past month’s monthly market performance is still very well, selling 07900 cars, defending the list 43, Beijing hyundai ix35 progress is very big, at the same time come to targeted by elite gathered in the domestic market, the market, good stars, more dazzling than many competing goods vehicles.As we know, the sales rank of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is not very high, but the product quality of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is still the leading level in the market.The reason is that the Beijing Hyundai IX35 is highly popular in the market.And no matter its power or off-road and other aspects can be said to be no problem to beat a lot of luxury SUV models.Many young sisters must have such a feeling: The influence of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is great, and it is expected that it will be able to become the dominant player in such a fierce domestic market in the near future.The body of Beijing modern IX35 is handsome and fashionable, the thickness of the car paint is moderate, and the scattered lines of Beijing modern IX35 can be said to be perfect enough, belonging to the kind of very composed and pragmatic.In addition, the modelling of the head of Beijing contemporary IX35 is particularly sexy, whole imposing manner is also all the more sufficient, chic double line is astounded in both sides, like tiger’s head general flowers and branches flourish, Beijing contemporary IX35 brilliance sends beautiful body appearance to model clearly come out, have strength, also have the LED lamp group of jiongjiongweishen at the same time adorn, this point is very good.Body analysis: The size of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is really great, and it looks very comfortable.Compared to the luxury price similar SUV is also comfortable, in addition, Beijing Hyundai IX35 storage space is also very good, Beijing Hyundai IX35 storage invincible hand is not too much.The dimensions of Beijing modern IX35 are 4500mm, 1850mm and 1715mm respectively, such a natural and unrestrained space believes that the back row is full of many normal weight partners can still be very easy to cross the two legs.Therefore, Beijing Hyundai IX35 is enough for shopping.In addition, the back of the trunk is also relatively large, even if a lot of keyboards, suitcases and other things are still “no problem”.The utility is great. It’s great.Power performance, the power output of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is very good, its power unit can burst out as high as 160P extraordinary support, transmission system is the market mainstream 7 block double clutch, many friends think the power output of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is very good.To meet the vast majority of car friends travel needs.And the engine is made of aluminum alloy material, can play to reduce the footprint of the best effect.In addition, Beijing Hyundai IX35 displacement performance can be said to be very good, not only turbocharged powertrain, but also self-priming assembly, as we all know, Beijing Hyundai IX35 displacement version only 1.4T, 2.0L, the owner has words:Xiaobian feels the Beijing modern IX35 that burnish by Beijing modern, in the level of the SUV of 150 thousand or so can be said to be the leader of the people.The appearance level of Beijing modern IX35 is absolutely particularly high, looking at like a living tiger king.Very interesting.On the other hand, the leg leg of Beijing modern IX35 is particularly good, sit inside the feeling is very satisfied, and it is particularly resistant to open, worthy of the high-quality product that Beijing modern bends its strength to make.The overall fuel consumption performance of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is quite good, presumably because Beijing Hyundai IX35 adopts unique fuel control technology, so that Beijing Hyundai IX35 can meet the psychological expectations of more and more car owners.At this stage, for my Beijing hyundai ix35 commuting scene is more, sometimes go to the high speed road conditions, such as in addition is worth people praise, eating oil is relatively small, integrated fuel consumption is around 8.5 L, in general, its oil consumption belongs to the normal level, at the same level should be able to in the SUV is one of the appearance of the highest level.So many friends are very pleased, and neighbors can’t help but praise the Beijing Hyundai IX35 is really “beier” good.Of course, if you are driving in a desert area with few people, the fuel consumption should be higher.Xiaobian is a handsome little brother, the gas burden is relatively small, because save a little bit of dating expenses, it is equivalent to earn back the gas money.So now this is good.Of course, the less oil you eat, the better.Even though the suspension adjustment time of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is not particularly long, I believe that the fuel consumption of Beijing Hyundai IX35 can be reduced a little after the running in period.The author thinks that the chassis device of this Beijing Hyundai IX35 is “very reliable”. Although the incline of the body is small, the whole car can be felt shaking when entering the road in bad condition.If you are not very flexible father-in-law, then sitting in it may feel a little uncomfortable P – share.Then Beijing Hyundai IX35 engine part of the wind noise is very embarrassing, especially when reaching the steep slope section of the pit is even more embarrassing, and when accelerating, I feel the vibration near the pedal sometimes, I went to find the after-sales service, but finally I can not say the specific situation.In addition, 1. The exhaust problem of the interior of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is relatively serious when the new car is bought home.2. Beijing Hyundai IX35 bluetooth key occasionally will be off and on, 3.RAV4 rongput the long and narrow door handle is decorated with black processing of chrome decoration strip car headlights technology sense is very sharp, look up to feel particularly high-end.And the car side is quite high-end, the design of lines is relatively smooth, soft, all the way through the tail area, to further show the sense of movement of the whole car.And RAV4 rong Put gloss is quite good, appearance level top.RAV4 can be said to go wherever is very colorful.RAV4荣放 tail is very interesting, at the same time equipped with two dazzling taillight, looks quite good, therefore, quite a few readers friends feel RAV4荣放 exterior belongs to a mature, stable “style”.My former BFF at the beginning of RAV4 Rongfang is mainly running towards a high level of appearance modeling.At present, I feel the new RAV4 glorious noise reduction effect is in place, driving quite quiet, although RAV4 glorious put quality so heavy, still so long, but the control is still quite good.On the appearance of the 3rd model Tuyue 165,800 ~ 223,800: the appearance of Tuyue is my personal comparison of zhongyi, especially simple and honest, the big mouth style of the grille can be said to be aggressive and full, at the same time the horizontal high sense of the whole is also pulled wide!Meanwhile, the design of the headlamp of place of facial ministry before tuyue appears to have class very much, the chassis of whole is very low, very silk is slippery, although drive in pothole road also is very have bottom gas.There are also no locked lines, but the chrome wheels used in luxury SUVs are slim and lean. On the other hand, the LED taillights are also crystal clear when lit.Yi yi unripe brightness, generally speaking, Tuyue still belongs to more tangible have a style, the more you see the more flavor.After I bought tuyue, I felt it looked more and more handsome.Tuyue interior advantages: Tuyue interior is absolutely very good, with full materials, good workmanship, fast control, at the same time the buttons and air conditioning keys have transcendent damping feeling, this is the many car friends of tuyue to the relevant evaluation.In addition, tuyue comfortable mode steering wheel weight is quite light, the shape is very concise, the direction is also very accurate, making the whole car more safe and convenient.In addition, Tuyue back seat soft comfort, internal fit is quite good, the use of skin-friendly leather materials for packaging, sitting feel comfortable, I bought is mainly used to do large shuttle, customers say sitting feeling te comfortable.And tuyue smell is less.And the noise inside the car is almost imperceptible.So it’s safe to drive for long periods of time.Power tuyue’s instantaneous explosive power can be said to be relatively strong, I and my friends can not help but surprised, speed up a bit without intermittent feeling.This car can overtake immediately if you like to be oiled.The driving experience is also very relaxed.Noise reduction details are also very good, usually not carefully observe the words, you will not feel the intervention of the engine at the bottom, this is undoubtedly quite good.In addition, because the original power is very in place, and the small series is mostly attendance, so there is no need to improve its power details too much.The way yue’s car owner Miss Wang so appraises it: the author thinks the way yue’s exterior appearance level is bang bang.Tuyue’s head part is quite long, the headlamp looks at te bone feeling, the atmosphere after lighting is still te handsome.And way of yue first adopted the blackened or special modelling can move me, inside inlaid silver plating chromium element, complementary advantages, and the following panel looks quite stylish and personality, in addition, the way of yue hub is closed, the size is moderate, regardless of its size or detail processing details such as also especially good.You drive it out and people think it’s super premium.The waist line on the side is also sexy, and the eye-catching LOGO of SAIC Volkswagen is inlaid on the surface of the decorative plate, which is more magnificent than SUV models with similar prices.The car drives so quietly!The trunk of the Tuyue is good enough to fit three or four suitcases without a problem.Anyhow, the price of the way yue is very depend after all of spectrum, the way yue that matchs edition high “unexpectedly” less than 220,000 tickets, since had the way yue later the author whole family can go for a ride occasionally.Mr. Luo, the owner of Tuyue, commented:I used to be a rich second generation, so everyday is a very good face, I not up eyes, common car since we bought the car, however, every time with my wife and I feel very face, children go out, touch the steering wheel it came up, and the movement is particularly tall, children often ask me way outside yue is what thing?I told you tuyue was your father’s private horse.Juyou review 3: satisfaction, next to the road of yue satisfaction, is not only the price super good, and also especially good comfort, I grew up like a car, finally is to buy when I grew up on a belongs to own way yue, the horse ride comfort, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and its consumption is not high also, can be satisfied the requirement of my car.The key to tuyue’s core competitiveness lies in its strong practicality, which makes it look like an electric car. In this article, we introduce Beijing Hyundai IX35, RAV4 Rongfang and Tuyue. The price is different.After verification, that Beijing hyundai IX35, RAV4 Rongfang, Tuyue the territory of the lowest 4S offer is 109,800, 153,800 and 118,300.Do you see Beijing Hyundai IX35 or Tuyue on the screen?Here I sincerely wish you all the luck in life.If you like the author, please give him a thumbs up.Dry rice person should buy Beijing modern IX35, RAV4 rong fang, or tuyue is better want to know more wonderful content, will pay attention to car wang quickly