Today, the highest temperature in the province occurred in Guangzhou, the spring is clear and dry like autumn

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Previously saw the forecast of the holiday turned sunny, may be a lot of small partners are skeptical, so long rain, said sunny can sunny?As a result, it was a cloudless sunny day in Guangzhou today.The weather is expected to stay fine throughout the week, not just today.Today, scattered light rain turned sunny in eastern Guangdong, guangdong other cities and counties cloudy turned sunny.In the morning, the lowest morning temperatures in shaoguan, northern Qingyuan and western Zhaoqing cities and counties decreased by 1℃ ~ 3℃ compared with April 2. Most cities and counties in the Pearl River Delta and Heyuan rose by 1℃ ~ 2℃, while other cities and counties were basically flat.The minimum temperature in Shaoguan, Qingyuan and western Zhaoqing cities and counties ranged from 7℃ to 10℃, while the rest cities and counties ranged from 11℃ to 14℃.Shaoguan Renhua recorded the province’s lowest temperature 5.5℃.In addition to shantou in eastern Guangdong and Chaozhou, Xuwen in western Guangdong, the highest temperature rose 2℃ ~ 3℃, most of the other cities and counties in Guangdong today, the highest temperature rose 5 ~ 10℃.Specific distribution: Shantou, Chaozhou and Zhanjiang cities and counties range from 20℃ to 21℃, other cities and counties range from 22℃ to 25℃.Guangzhou Conghua recorded the province’s highest temperature of 26.1℃ today.Most of the province’s cities and counties have significantly decreased humidity, 17 o ‘clock today, in addition to leizhou Peninsula and southeast Guangdong cities and counties relative humidity of 40%-60%, the rest of Guangdong cities and counties 23%-40%.In addition, there is a northeasterly wind force 7 ~ 8 over east Guangdong and mid-north South China Sea, and force 6 ~ 7 over west Guangdong.In the next three days, the weather in Guangzhou will be fine and the temperature will rise day by day. The temperature difference between day and night will increase and the weather will be dry.The cold air is still lingering, so that Guangzhou’s spring has a bit of autumn atmosphere.Rather than saying “autumn wins the spring dynasty”, it is better to say that “the combination of spring and autumn” does not have a taste.The weather is dry, it is how to dry how dry, at the same time we should pay attention to the safety of fire and electricity, and timely water supplement.Guangdong specific forecast: April 4, most cities and counties between sunny and cloudy, the lowest temperature in the morning: North Guangdong 7℃ ~ 11℃, other cities and counties 12℃ ~ 15℃.April 5-6, cloudy to sunny in western cities and counties, sunny to cloudy in eastern cities and counties;Morning minimum temperature: 9℃ ~ 13℃ in northern Guangdong, 16℃ ~ 18℃ in Leizhou Peninsula, 13℃ ~ 16℃ in other cities and counties.Guangzhou specific forecast is as follows: April 4 (Qingming Holiday) : sunny and cloudy, 10 ~ 25℃, relative humidity 25 ~ 68%, northeast wind 2 ~ 3;April 5 (Qingming Festival holiday) : sunny and cloudy, 11 ~ 25℃, relative humidity 35 ~ 75%, northeast wind 2 ~ 3;April 6: sunny to cloudy, 11-26 ℃, relative humidity 40%-80%, ne force 2-3.Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Reporter Ye Kasto/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Su Yunhua Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor: Zhang Yu