The parents’ 10 practical rules for their children during the lunar New Year visit have been praised by thousands of netizens

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The relatives in the day, the parents give their children 10 rules is too practical, hot cut in child rearing, cannot leave the parents’ education and supervision, as a parent, must establish a good rule to the child since childhood. After the Spring Festival, many families began to various relatives, at this time of the party, is undoubtedly the most test children family education,If adults can’t advance the time good education their children not only embarrassing yourself, children will therefore unseemly finally a bad impression on weibo yesterday saw a mother to your child is a list of 10 rules (as shown in the figure below) hope he during the Spring Festival can be polite, make a polite, popular children as a result,Many netizens responded by saying “mom’s tutor is too good, the child must be taught that” “Chinese New Year is the most annoying relatives bear children, if everyone like the mother good” “children from small rules”, is not can be accomplished without norms or standards for children, the parents if they don’t understand education since childhood,Give them rules they growth tends to be rude, annoying, on the contrary, if the parents can help children rules at an early age, children will become polite, popular everywhere during the Spring Festival, people tend to have lots of friends and relatives party parents choose rules to the child, at this time will have the effect very much not only can help children to form good habits,Can also let the children learn to get along with others as a parent must know the grasping the opportunity to the following three rules, usually people are easily ignored, here also hope to be able to let parents pay attention to speak up 01 child to have rules that many parents think that young children, talking is uninhibited too this is the very lovely child, forget, too licentious speak,Is likely to give a person the sense of no breeding finally allow my children to be at a respectful distance between relatives “bear children” we often see such scenes in life when elders gave the child a big red envelope, when someone asked him “who gave you ah” children have no secret of my disdain said “that old woman/man” by this time they will not only hurt,The child’s parents will be very awkward so parents first should be to teach children to speak rules such as saw elder must use your respectful name, but can’t say that, this woman, the man in addition, but also teach children say some auspicious words, like “healthy body, all the best” and so on message and some unlucky words can’t say,Also want to advance to remind children to ban said when parents do so, your children, at the party, tends to be decent and polite and so welcomed by everyone’s love and 02 children eat to have rules last year Spring Festival, I brought the children back in the day of the first my mother is a lot of relatives have dinner together, then there is one thing that impressed me so far I remember that day lots of people,Main is my mother’s side relatives including my aunt’s cousin, when he took his son with them the results when having a meal, the boy just kept eating their favorite food it also nothing important, after all I make is for everyone to eat food but the child has a very bad habit, just like in the dish pace pick up, pick to pick to in the end,You haven’t bite a table vegetables, he just is a mess we all didn’t say anything, because in the face but he was angry with chopsticks, squirmed mouth and say “not a I love to eat, good bad ah, I later don’t come,” a word was busy scene, instant cooling as everybody very embarrassed,At that time my cousin daughter-in-law took the child a hug, airily said a sentence “the child is too small don’t understand rules” embarrassing, however, Jane’s cousin’s daughter is two years younger than her son also but I from beginning to end is very quiet, clever, have their food to her little girl elders will also polite to say “thank you” on that day, although we didn’t say anything,Impression but with two children is very different to a lot of times, a person to have a tutor, it is easy to emerge at the dinner table as parents must tell the children to eat in advance to elders such as chopsticks, don’t rush to roar to climb up and ate the second don’t running around everywhere, quietly sitting in his seat,If you can’t reach the dishes, you can ask your parents or elders to help you, instead of standing up and poking around, or even climbing on the table. In addition, you should pay attention to not making too much noise when eating, and you should not eat two bites if you don’t like what you are eating.Don’t complain that face to face bad anyhow “eat products such as character” parents must attach importance to children eat custom 03 children with the custom of the so-called relatives are reciprocal, we will go to others home they will come to my home, many parents think children don’t need speak too much on their own etiquette children love how comfortable,Just how comfortable forgot to treat people is one of important aspects to learn hospitality in general, have guests, will be active up to open the door, welcome if the guest brought a gift to say thank you, at the same time actively took it, and let the guest can easily in in addition, when the guest seated we can let the child brought snacks,Tea, let a guest feel the enthusiasm of the family when you sit down to chat, children must keep quiet, don’t running around in the room, Shouting when elders questioning, look at the other person’s eyes, carefully answer and don’t always elaborate rude, showed a love to ignore the last when guests leave,Child education experts believe that children between the ages of 3 and 6 are most flexible when parents can guide their children to learn how to treat others. On the other hand, parents can set a good example for their children by being polite and appropriate in their daily life.Not long ago, I saw such a piece of news in Xinyang, Henan province, a girl came home and found her room became chaotic, usually favorite snacks, small toys thrown everywhere is the most distressed is,Denounce is gigantic endowment buy cosmetics have also been spoiling so what happened to the girl then asked the mother the mother said, during the day, a relative with his two sons to her home girl mother to cooking for them, the two little boys go to girl room dealer in the face of such situation, many people feel angry,Many people left comments saying, “Such a bear child is really too lack of tutoring,” and “This relative can break up friendship, bring a child to other people’s home and do not care?””Is me, you make a phone call past scold a meal, what the hell.” indeed, most of the time children behind it is the parents’ problem you could say that young children, so parents don’t understand you always understand, therefore, before we take children to others home, must let the child understand that other people can’t literally to others walk around in the bedroom,Do not touch other people’s things without permission to sit, stand, others to treat, politely say thank you, elders to seriously answer questions and finally before leaving, thank the host family for their hospitality as Teacher Luo Xiang said, there is no absolute freedom in life,Freedom must have rules of parents don’t think to let children behave, politeness is kill the child’s nature, otherwise, the indulgence of the children will one day because you eat to consequences should have a better future 05 finally missed a small tree to grow thickly, then to build it in childhood, cut off the excess side-issues near the same,A child, if you want to become a popular adult, so parents also want to guide him in childhood education so that children can get rid of bad habits, become a polite, popular adult parents should keep in mind that someone is not you, the society is not overrun family children, no one except you will continue to include him, people will dislike him,Keep away from him and never let your children become what others call uneducated wild children!’