On the sixth day of the first month food, send you six “geely vegetables”, I wish you all the opening work is 66 dashun

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The sixth day of the first month food, send you 6 “geely”, the opening work is 66 dashun!Today is the fifth day of Chinese New Year, and tomorrow is February 6th, which is also the sixth day of Chinese New Year. The sixth day of the first lunar month is the day when many businessmen start their business and many workers start work.Because the sixth day is a very good number, many people associate it with good luck, so many people will choose this day to start business or work.On the sixth day of the first lunar month, many people choose to go out and go back to work.Next, I will give you six “Geely dishes”, I wish you all the opening work is smooth!The meaning of chestnut roasted chicken is: Good luck, because chestnut chestnut and benefit is homophonic, chicken and auspicious is homophonic, so the meaning of good luck.Stir-fried chicken with chestnuts is made with chicken pieces and chestnuts.On the sixth day of the first lunar month, roasted chicken with chestnuts is a good choice to enjoy with your family. It not only means good, but also is very nutritious and delicious.Roasted chicken with chestnuts Roasted chicken with chestnuts: 1. Remove the shell and skin of chestnuts, wash and control dry water for later use, and wash garlic shoots and cut them into sections for later use.2. Wash and slice ginger, wash and cut chili into small sections, wash and chop whole chicken into small pieces after processing.3. Pour water into the pot, add ginger, boil the chicken pieces with high fire, remove and wash them.4, put the cooking oil into the pot, heat the oil into the chicken and stir fry the oil, add the chestnuts, ginger, water and bring to a boil, turn to a low heat and cook for 50 minutes, add the salt, light soy sauce, pepper and stir fry the sauce to absorb the flavor.The meaning of steamed Wuchang fish is: grand plan.Because this steamed Wuchang fish is placed in the shape of a peacock, so the implication is: the good implication of the grand plan.Steamed Wuchang fish this peacock shape is very good-looking, for do not love to eat Wuchang fish friends can also choose to use perch, mandarin fish can do so.On the sixth day of the first lunar month, this steamed Wuchang fish is not only good-looking in shape, but also has a good meaning. Its taste is also very delicious and delicious, which is really a good choice!Steamed Wuchang fish: 1, wuchang fish will be processed after washing, cut into thin slices put on the plate into the shape of a peacock.2. Wash the ginger and slice into the bottom of the wuchang fish, wash the green onion and cut it into fine pieces, wash the chili and cut it into fine pieces.3. Put the Wuchang fish together with the plate into a steamer and steam it for 12 minutes. Pour the steamed fish with soy sauce and spread the shredded scallions and peppers.4. Heat up the cooking oil in a separate wok. Scoop it up with a spoon and pour it over the spring onion and fish until fragrant.Steamed Wuchang fish three, cabbage meat roll (money widely into) The implication of cabbage meat roll is: money widely into.Because of the homophonic Chinese cabbage hundred wealth, so it can also imply a good meaning for the hundred wealth together.Cabbage meat rolls are made by wrapping cabbage leaves with meat and steaming them in a steamer.The cabbage meat rolls are bright and beautiful in color, good in meaning, and taste: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, fresh and salty and delicious.Cabbage meat rolls are also a good choice on the sixth day of the first lunar month.Cabbage meat roll cabbage meat roll method: 1, the pork belly skin wash cut into small pieces, chop into meat, ginger wash cut into minced.2. Clean cabbage leaves with clean water, blanch them in boiling water and soften them.3. Add minced ginger, salt, pepper, light soy sauce and oyster sauce to the meat and mix them well. Wrap them in cabbage leaves and put them into a plate.4. Put the cabbage rolls together with the plates in a steamer, steam them for 12 minutes through water and serve them out. Spread the chili shreds and pour hot oil on them.Cabbage meat roll four, Coke chicken wings (fly high) Coke chicken wings meaning is: fly high.Because it is the selection of chicken wings as the main material, so named coke chicken wings, is a very beautiful meaning.Coke chicken wings are very suitable for people to go out to work to eat, because this is the family to go out to work good wishes.The taste of Coke chicken wings: sweet and soft, delicious, this dish is also the favorite of many children.Eating chicken wings with Coke on the sixth day of the first lunar month is a very good choice.Coke chicken wings coke chicken wings practice: 1, the chicken wings into the water to wash standby.Wash and slice ginger.2, the pot into the cooking oil, oil heat into the ginger and chicken wings stir fry until light yellow, add a can of coke, fire simmer.3. Bring to a simmer, turn down the heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add salt to taste and stir fry.Coke chicken wings five, stewed chicken feet (catch money) the meaning of stewed chicken feet is: catch money.Because stewed chicken feet is the choice of chicken feet as the main material, so the implication is to grasp wealth.Stewed chicken feet is a favorite food for many girls.Stewed chicken feet are simple to make and have a good meaning. It tastes soft and delicious.Stewed chicken feet on the sixth day of the first lunar month is a very good meaning for those who want to start a business or go out to work.Stewed chicken feet stewed chicken feet: 1, chicken feet washed and reserved, ginger washed and sliced.2, pour water into the pot, add ginger slices, chicken feet fire boil, remove and wash into the pressure cooker.3. Add sugar, star anise, ginger, cinnamon, bay leaf, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, salt, water to the pressure cooker. Cover the lid and press the lu Rou key.The meaning of cucumber shrimps is: rising steadily.Cucumber shrimp because of its shape like a sugarcane section, so the implication is rising.Cucumber shrimp is made of cucumber, shrimp, green beans, corn and other food materials, meat and vegetable collocation, beautiful shape, meaning is very good.On the sixth day of the first lunar month, the dish of cucumber and shrimps is eaten with the family, which is a good wish for those who have to go to work or school.The method of successively rising successively: 1, the cucumber is washed and cut into small sections, the cucumber is cut into small sections from the middle, and the melon flesh inside is removed.2, green beans and corn, shrimp, radish and other ingredients with clean water, add salt, light soy sauce mix well.3. Put green beans, corn, shrimp, radish and other ingredients into each cucumber, steam the dish in a steamer for 8 minutes, and pour hot oil on it.Summing up the sixth day of the first month diet, send you six “Geely vegetables”, the opening work is 66 dashun.Tomorrow is the sixth day of the first lunar month. On the sixth day, many people will open the door to do business and prepare to go out to work.The above six “auspicious dishes” are ideal for people at work and business, and each dish has a very good meaning.The six courses: rising successively, making grand plans and flying high are all good wishes for those working outside the company. In addition, financial resources, good fortune and good luck are all good wishes for those who start business.I am @Hubei yanzi, you are welcome to leave a comment or follow me, thank you!