Long-term manual, poor function, nocturnal urine, not only to nourish the kidney, but also to strengthen the spleen

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Kidney water, hidden essence, many people know that poor renal function will have poor function, nocturia, no spirit, and a series of problems, but there are many patient friends eat a lot of kidney warming medicine is not too significant.I remember there was a patient like this, 39 years old this year, the symptoms have been for many years, the medicine also took a lot of, the symptoms improved little, there are perennial use..Hand experience.The main problem now is hard..Degree is not enough, the function is also poor, often abdominal pain diarrhea, loss of appetite, but also afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, up to 5 or 6 times at night, basically did not sleep well.It affects sleep very much, resulting in wakefulness, lethargy, body fatigue, inability to concentrate on work, impatience, serious hair loss, greasy skin, loose stools, memory loss, cold waist, weak legs.I saw that his tongue was white and greasy, that it was large and fat, that his teeth were badly marked, and that his pulse was delicate.Obviously, this is the fire failure of mingmen, spleen and kidney deficiency syndrome, the symptoms have been relatively long, the fire failure of mingmen is the weakness of fire, fire belongs to Yang, namely kidney Yang deficiency, spleen and kidney deficiency in front of the spleen, spleen main transport, blood flow, spleen is bad, appetite is bad, digestion is not good, it is useless to eat more medicine body system can not absorb.For patients with deficiency of spleen and kidney, the first thing we should do is not to replenish the kidney, but to replenish the spleen, which is the main source of qi and blood biochemistry. If the spleen and stomach are good, the body can keep up with nutrition and the efficacy can be absorbed.Square use astragalus membranaceus, Codonopsis pilosula, Mulberry parasitic, Chuanduan, Achyranthes bidentata, Dodder, Atractylodes atractylodes, huang Jing, cinnamon, coke sanxian.Astragalus membranaceus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes atractylodes, huangjing to tonify spleen and qi, remove dampness;Mulberry parasitic, Chuanduan, Achyranthes bidentata, dodder benefits kidney solid essence;Cinnamon bumingmen, Warm Yang qi;Jiao Sanxian strengthens the spleen and transports the stomach, promoting digestion.Before taking the medicine, I specially told you to work and rest normally, quit bad habits, work normally, in addition, take proper exercise, adhere to the medicine, and maintain confidence.Finally remind you, the body must find a professional doctor conditioning problems, do not believe what folk prescription, secret recipe, not to take blindly.