Hao Yingpeng, deputy Secretary of Shenze County Committee and County head, investigated the inheritance and development of The art of Shenze pendant

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On the evening of February 16, Hao Yingpeng, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and head of the county, investigated the inheritance and development of Xuzi Opera art in Shenze.He stressed that we should protect and inherit the art of Shenze Pendant opera and make every effort to build a strong cultural county.County party committee standing committee, discipline inspection committee secretary, supervisory committee director Kang Ping together.At the County Suzuzi Opera Troupe, performers rehearse the traditional opera Huilong Zhuan.Hao Yingpeng watched the rehearsal with great interest and communicated with everyone on the inheritance and development of Shenze Pendant art, talent cultivation and repertoire creation.Hao Yingpeng pointed out that the traditional opera art is an important part of Chinese excellent traditional culture, deep ze pendant drama is a state-level non-material cultural heritage, is the inheritance and carry forward the outstanding culture important carrier of deep ze, relevant departments should carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, I deepened the source, the height of the continuation of the roots, know deep ze pendant drama inheritance significance,Take on the mission and responsibility of inheritance, protection, prosperity and development of Shenze Pendant art consciously.Hao Yingpeng stressed that while inheriting the traditional dramas, the county Xuanzi Opera Troupe should focus on realistic themes, current life and historical and humanistic stories, create a number of excellent new dramas with distinct local characteristics, reflect the spirit of The Times and the people’s delight, and constantly meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the masses.It is necessary to make great efforts in the cultivation of opera talents, constantly enhance the “hematopoietic” function and development vitality, and lay a foundation for the inheritance and development of Shenze Xuanzi art.It is necessary to intensify publicity efforts and make full use of new media means such as Douyin and Kuaishou to extensively publicize the art of Shenze Pendant, so that the masses can have a deeper understanding of the art of Shenze Pendant, and constantly improve its influence and popularity.