Amazing!!!Hunan reproduces “goddess bedroom” : 4 sisters collective bao yan 985, scholarship gets hand soft!

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In 2022, the number of applicants for the postgraduate entrance examination hit a record high of 4.57 million, an increase of 21 percent.By the time thousands of troops and horses have crossed the narrow bridge, some outstanding students have already qualified for postgraduate studies and made it to the other side.In Central South University, there is such a group of girls who entered the School of Computer Science together. Facing the new knowledge and unknown future, they worked hand in hand and made progress together, and finally created the great achievement of “complete sleep and graduate school”.In this issue, let’s witness dormitory 224 of the School of Computer Science with excellent performance in 2018.Wang Xiaoya, graduate school of Zhejiang University.She has won the National Encouragement Scholarship once and the second-class scholarship of the academic year twice. She has been awarded as university-level Outstanding Student and Outstanding Student Assistant.Won the first prize in the central Region competition of the 12th Service Innovation Competition, the second prize in the National Competition and other awards, participated in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition as the project leader, and won the provincial project approval;2 years of operation of personal CSDN blog, original articles of 400+, visits of 15W +.Beibei Wang, graduate of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.She has won national Encouragement Scholarship twice, academic year scholarship for many times and wanxing Technology Scholarship and other corporate scholarships.She has won the second prize of China Robot Competition, the second prize of the 12th China College Students Service Outsourcing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the third prize of the provincial level of “Shentang Cup” College students 5G Technology and Application Competition, and the second prize of the university level of Central South University Intelligent robot Competition.Qu Jingge, graduate school of Southeast University.She has won the second-class scholarship of Central South University once and the third-class scholarship twice.At the same time, I won the second prize of “Outward Transport Cup” Logistics Design Competition of Central South University and the third prize of Central Region of Central South University Service Outsourcing Competition.The innovation and entrepreneurship project of college students was approved by the national level.Published an SCI paper, took charge of the paper writing, and acted as the second author.Liu Pei, graduate school of Central South University.She has won the National Encouragement Scholarship once and the Third-class scholarship of Central South University twice.Participated in the university student innovation and entrepreneurship project of Central South University and obtained the provincial project approval;She has won the first prize of the sixth “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Central South University, the first prize of the 13th Transportation Science and Technology Competition of Central South University, the second prize of the “Foreign Transport Cup” National College Student Logistics Design Competition and other awards.In September 2018, the four girls entered the School of Computer Science at Central South University with high hopes for the future, where they started exploring new fields.When they first enter the campus, they are not prepared to face the new environment and new knowledge. In the learning process, they not only have to face many terms that they have not been exposed to before, but also have to adapt to the new learning and living environment.These brave zhongnan girls did not choose to escape, but faced up to difficulties and actively explored solutions: competing for the first row, sorting out knowledge points in time, building a professional knowledge framework, applying theories to the practice of course design, paying attention to details, filling in gaps, and accumulating continuously to make up for their shortcomings……They believe that the adjustment of mentality is very important, to face up to the reality of the gap and setbacks, so as to rise in the trough, looking for light in the dark.With the development of Internet information technology, computer technology plays an increasingly important role in personal career and social development.In the face of computer technology, the four girls in 224 dormitory found out their professional learning methods.In the code writing, code modification, they will continue to practice, in practice to consolidate, skilled professional knowledge.When they learn a programming language well, they learn a lot from it, and then “agree to disagree” with other languages so they can get started quickly.When they encounter problems, they are neither arrogant nor impetuous, nor resentful nor afraid, and actively seek solutions. Teachers and classmates around them are the objects for help.In the process of discovering and solving problems again and again, the four people know each other and make progress together.Excellence is contagious.224 the four girls in the dormitory study together, supervise each other, review together before the exam, encourage each other, drop water unswervingly converge, and eventually slowly become a sea.They waited for the result of the research together in front of the computer, experienced the exciting moment together, finally they received the good news, all members of the research.Behind every outstanding person there is a period of silence, which is the time to make a lot of efforts and keep accumulating. The four girls in dormitory 224 of The School of Computer science of Central South University keep their feet on the ground, work hard and finally get a satisfactory answer paper.School of Computer Science, Central South University (CSU) was established in January 2019 by merging the former School of Information Science and Engineering, the Former School of Computer Science and Communication, and the former School of Software. The origin of the discipline can be traced back to 1958 in the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Central South University of Mining and Metallurgy.At present, Computer Science and Technology of Central South University has been rated as A discipline in the fourth round of discipline assessment, and the computer discipline based on software engineering and computer Science and Technology ranks among the top 1‰ in ESI.Relying on related disciplines and majors, the programs of Software Engineering, Computer Science and Technology and Information Security of the university have been approved as national First-class construction programs. The training base for top-notch Students in Computer Science has been selected as the 2.0 Base of the Training Program for top-notch Students in Basic Disciplines of the Ministry of Education.Pay attention to the headlines of “Undergraduate Admission Office of Central South University” and get the latest wonderful information about the “985”, “211” and “double First-class” construction of A university — Central South University!Part of the material sources: Central South University official weibo, Dalian Daily, etc