The Japanese media advocated the use of electromagnetic guns to deter China, only to be slapped in the face by their own people

2022-05-06 0 By

Japan has been daydreaming about investing heavily in research into electromagnetic guns as a deterrent to China.As a result, not to mention whether it had an impact on China, it was first ridiculed by many of its own people.According to foreign media reports, recently a number of Japanese media are hyping up the research of electromagnetic guns, also said that this is to strengthen deterrence against China, and in the future this will be used as the core weapon to intercept Chinese and Russian missiles.But Japan’s naivety was quickly shattered.In an interview with the media, a Japanese defense ministry official analyzed the problems related to the electromagnetic gun. He said that the electromagnetic gun is an outdated weapon and has no research value. It only has “environmental protection” function, because it does not use gunpowder and emits carbon dioxide.During this period, Japan began to be restless again. It not only sought trouble frequently with the United States around the Taiwan Strait, but also wanted to greatly improve its national defense force, and even increased its military budget.According to previous Japanese media reports, the Japanese government has decided to allocate 360 million yuan in this year’s fiscal budget for the development of electromagnetic gun projects.Japan believes the guns are not only faster, but also better at intercepting Chinese hypersonic missiles.As long as the acquisition of electromagnetic guns, Japan will be able to further improve its defense force, and increase its influence in the world.I have to say, the Japanese are not the usual dead heads.As early as more than 10 years ago, the United States began to research electromagnetic guns, so far, the United States has spent more than 500 million DOLLARS in this area of huge funds, but have not made progress, and the consumption of funds is also huge, to achieve practical application has always been a problem, and now has to be shelved.Although the power and speed of the electromagnetic gun are very promising, it is difficult to successfully develop and deploy such a super weapon.In particular, the cost of the experiment is very high. If too much research time is spent, but there is still no result, it will cause huge losses.A Japanese official also said that electromagnetic guns could not be put into practical use.The United States needs 25 megawatts of electricity to fire a single electromagnetic gun, equivalent to more than 7,000 homes combined, an expense Japan simply cannot match.But sources say Japan may also join the United States in developing the technology.Japan, after all, has high hopes.Moreover, Mr. Kishida has long expressed his willingness to strengthen cooperation between Japan and the United States, and Even Japan has expressed its support for the United States on the Ukraine issue.It is worth noting that the United States is struggling and Japan is obsessed with electromagnetic gun technology, But China has made great progress in the research of this technology.There are even reports that China has carried out sea tests of electromagnetic guns, which may seem like a “pusher” to Japan and the United States.China has long been seen as a thorn in the side of Both Japan and the United States, which have been alarmed by China’s military advances over the years.Although everyone can talk big, it is not easy for Japan to develop electromagnetic gun.Although the U.S. military and science and technology are the world’s top level, but in recent years, the manufacturing depression, especially the military industry scandals, has greatly reduced the quality of the U.S. military equipment, weapons research and development is becoming more and more difficult.No matter how much the United States flexes its muscles, it will not change the fact that its power is declining, and Japan’s military power is unlikely to match China’s.