Nongan County he Long town: mushroom industry to support the mushroom umbrella Ben Fu road

2022-05-06 0 By

Recently, the reporter walked into the long town Chenjiadian village mushroom planting greenhouse, I saw mushroom farmers are busy picking, rows of neat sticks covered with dark brown mushroom, like a flower umbrella, pleasing harvest scene all eyes.According to the introduction, solar greenhouse planting mushroom is the current edible fungus production innovation, a change from the past conservative large investment, strong labor force, covers an area of large adobe wall mushroom room, with short production time, quick effect, high efficiency characteristics.Solar greenhouse has strong ability of heat preservation and moisture preservation, and can adjust temperature and humidity moderately manually. It has strong ability of disease resistance and insect pests, which creates favorable conditions for high yield of lentinus edodes.In recent years, the county agriculture and long town to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country as the general gripper, further adjusting and optimizing agricultural industry structure, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of agriculture, surrounding agricultural supply side structural reforms to the main line, high quality development of modern facility agriculture greenhouses mushroom cultivation, improve land productivity, labor productivity and utilization of agricultural resourcesOut of a new way of characteristic industry development.