Listen to my advice, these 7 small household appliances are all “dust artifact”, do not be confused again

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When it comes to small appliances, everyone must have at least a few at home.For example: the practical party as the representative of the rice cooker, electric kettle, and intelligent mainly dozen sweeping robot, washing machine and so on…A variety of small household appliances flooded into the market, so that a lot of people are enchanted.When each person buys small home appliance, was full of beautiful fantasy, but after the hand used a few times, feel dull and tasteless, slowly idle next.Below will give you check a few more chicken small home appliances, advise you take a good look, do not impulse consumption, because the result after buying back only one: occupy a place, use frequency a slap in the face to count.Many girls hate to wash their underwear alone after taking a bath, so the underwear washing machine launched on the market is unusual heartbeat, both free hands, but also rely on high-tech to help small underwear disinfection, feel very reliable.However, when I got into it, I realized that it was too chicken!Anything more than that won’t wash well at all, let alone your underwear that gets soiled during your period.Plus the capacity is particularly small, the girl’s underwear can be put up to two, if it is the boy’s underwear or XL size above, can only wash one, a wash half an hour, the sound is also loud, a machine also want 6-7 hundred dollars, the experience is really poor, as well as their own hands!Yogurt Machine This product may be practical for lactose intolerance or families with babies at home, but for me, the experience is far from what I imagined.Most people who buy yogurt machine are for the “health”, “no additives” and other needs, but to be honest, the process of making yogurt with yogurt machine is also a little time consuming. After preparing materials in advance, they have to wait at least one night to eat it. If the milk and mushroom powder are not selected properly, the taste will be greatly affected.By the way, homemade yogurt is really sour, and if you buy a yogurt machine to get the taste of supermarket yogurt, you have to add lots and lots of sugar.Three, home ice cream machine is how many children have a childhood dream of ice cream machine, but really have after, really not every three or five to get an ice cream to eat.To make ice cream, eggs, cream, sugar and other ingredients need to be prepared. If you want different flavors, you need to prepare more at a higher cost. After a series of operations, you can get the finished product.Therefore, it is not something that you can have on a whim.The point is, your product doesn’t always work. Sometimes the ice cream is so thin and so-so that it doesn’t last long.Four, bean sprout machine to buy the original intention of bean sprout machine if it is purely used to kill time to play well, really is going to use to eat delicious bean sprouts, it is better to go directly to the market to buy, anyway, bean sprouts are not expensive.Because you don’t always succeed with a bean sprouting machine, sometimes the beans stink and don’t sprout.Sometimes it takes three days to get a bean sprout, but the taste is bitter and the root is still old.Why?Five, automatic stir-frying machine The price of automatic stir-frying machine is not cheap, the main “no lampblack”, “free hands” and other gimmick is really very attractive.But, to be honest, it’s a bit of an untargeted consumer.People who can cook must feel unnecessary, after all, the cooking machine can not meet their needs, fried dishes are not delicious and lack of soul.And can’t cook, you let her prepare ingredients, wash vegetables cut vegetables, and then rely on this machine after cooking, but also to clean, from beginning to end only leave out the stir-fry steps, presumably she would be more willing to order a takeaway bar!Juicer Although juicers can provide healthy juice, it is a bit too much energy to press the juice once.It takes a minute to juice the fruit, ten minutes to unpack and wash the accessories, as well as the cutlery and cutting boards used to cut the fruit, which must be washed and drained before being put back together.You say such a troublesome thing, can you do it every day?Apparently most people can’t!So using the juicer a few times a month is a good idea.Electric baking pan electric baking pan looks quite a lot of functions are very good, but in fact, slow heating, large volume, occupying space, difficult to clean are its fatal injury.Bake a cake to hot along while may not be able to cook, barbecue words don’t expect more, everywhere splash oil, use really too irritating!Sometimes when you close the lid, you accidentally touch your hand and get hot.Small home appliance is practical or not often relevant with his demand, the arsenic of the honey of alleged armour, second, above is a few small home appliance that I want to ridicule.Do not know you can also be like me, always like to buy all sorts of messy net red small household appliances, but experience after always regret unceasingly?So here, I suggest everyone rational consumption, do not blindly follow the trend!