Tuan tuan’s blessing has been “door-to-door”, come and open it!

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Family reunion, paste Spring Festival couplets the second day of the New Year to send you tiger tiger’s luck tiger Tiger’s health tiger tiger’s happiness last year’s wish has come true well prepared for this year’s new journey is about to begin!In 2021, Tuan Tuan has specially planned brand programs such as Youth Open Online Courses, Yue Bian Yue Ming and so on.To promote the achievements of the Party for young people, to carry out party history study and education, by the majority of netizens love.”Youth Online Open Courses”, Fudan University wen Yang lecture: Western mainstream media at its own peril.In YOCs, we invited many experts from different fields to share interesting topics, such as Wen Yang, Wen Tiejun, Li Kaicheng, Shuang Shi, He Jiming…From how dangerous the new China in its infancy to look back at the centenary of the founding of the Party;From the whole nation resistance to how to become the most vanguard of The Times;From the powerful American experience to rural revitalization, each lesson had its own takeaway.Among them, the accumulated reading volume of wechat platform exceeds 3000000, and the related reading volume of Weibo platform reaches 26349000.”Yue Debate yue Ming” series of short video commentary column, focusing on “Republic Medal winner Zhang Guimei”, “BBC malicious report on China” and other social hot issues and youth topics, launched 10 issues throughout the year, broadcast more than 30 million, frequently hit B station.The year 2021 marks the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and Tuantuan has released a special comic titled “Paean to Faith.”The cartoons tell about those Communists who go through fire and water for their beliefs and the future of the nation.One picture after another takes you back to that stormy time.As soon as the cartoon was released, it received positive comments from netizens, urging them to do more.The popularity of Kuaikan comics exceeded 2790000+ and the number of weibo readers reached 64474000+.All victories come from the blood of heroes, we have faith, we long for glory…Keep chasing more!”Talk to the World” youth speech program has produced the world’s first “Speechless” youth speech program “Talk to the World”. These youth groups represent the world by sharing their own experiences and life insights.Explain the family and country feelings of contemporary youth, and show the world the “family, country and world” of Chinese people.The VCR highlights program also invited simultaneous interpretation teachers in five languages to translate the speech content and Q&Part A: Let Chinese youth speak confidently on the world stage.(Slide view) Publicity series comic group has launched a series of practical significance of the comic works, simple and clear style to hit the key, by the majority of netizens friends.Combined with the release of bilingual versions, the cartoon has a certain spread power on social platforms at home and abroad.Us officials, for example, are responding to a chip shortage by asking “interested” semiconductor suppliers around the world to provide commercial data on chip sales and inventories.Since the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States, continuous war, plague, famine, death.Lithuania paid its due price for blatantly defying the One-China principle.”The user you called is not in the service area.” “This is my University” series theme videos were launched by the central Propaganda Department of the League, the “Learning power” learning platform, together with various universities, and the wechat video number participated in the production of “This is my University” series theme videos, which were launched in June!”Cloud visit”, “Vlog” and other relaxing programs are warmly welcomed by students.Group field visits will bring you an immersive experience of different college life…(Poke a surprise?)What was it like to fly a plane at school?(Poke a surprise?)Do you understand the motto typed out in Morse code?In the past year, Tuantuan has released its zero point posters on major festivals, including “the 72nd Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Air Force” and “The 128th Anniversary of chairman MAO’s Birth”, which have been viewed more than 500,000 times.Every unforgettable day, we have never forgotten.Until the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, we will update every day to take you to review the achievements of the year and accumulate strength. We will forge ahead together towards the new goal.Drawing: Liang Huiling (Foshan Committee of the Communist Youth League)