Three Kingdoms kill: civilian light, we may beat the underworld, they are civilian player’s last stubborn

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To experience, to meet!Today is another energetic day, go chase your love xinghai!I’m durian. Welcome to this episode of “Durian says Three Kingdoms”!In this underworld will run amok today, there are some civilian generals can be used, these generals do not need to exchange epic treasure beads, as long as a little savings will be soul can have.Although they are not epic warriors, but the actual combat effect is no weaker than the epic warriors, in other words, they are the light of civilians, maybe this is the last stubborn civilian players, let’s follow the durian together to see.First of all, Cao Ang, originally he was an ordinary 4 blood 1 skill warrior, if the number is large, even skills can not be launched several times, the biggest role is as a bodyguard, protect the side of the teammate.However, as dou landlord mode is hot, Cao Ang is also active in the field of vision of the vast number of players, after playing just discover, Cao Ang this military will be really sweet!No matter which mainstream landlord, meet Cao Ang can have a headache very much, if big treasure meets a “ang will flash”, minute want to quit the game.The second general is Sun Quan in the field of “playing god general”. The most powerful point of Sun Quan is not his own checks and balances, but “playing”. As long as the “playing” effect is triggered, you can instantly reverse the situation of the war, gain advantages and even directly win the game!In other words, this is also a meme of the Three Kingdom, now the main trend is gradually inclined to play without brain, the world sun Quan’s main advantage is still in the card quantity is relatively large, plus can benefit, compound interest effect is relatively high.Another more conscientious general is Luzhi. Although Luzhi has become a general of consumption reward, in the old days, it was more conscientious to get luzhi for free through union war.Luzhi this general was the majority of players to become The Three Kingdoms kill yasuo, not only looks very handsome, combat effectiveness is also extremely strong.In doudizhu, Lu Zhi is the king of position 3, no matter high-end field or low power field, it is not wrong to choose Position 3.If the above several generals or more expensive, so Ma Liang as 300 soul representative, is the conscience of the conscience, from his first revision out, the actual intensity has been epic quality, although it is a fine generals, but a peach two eating skills or harvest many fans.More importantly, all the key cards can be used twice by Mala’s team, which gives mala unlimited possibilities and vitality.The only drawback is that his defense is too low, and he has no defense outside of the round, but this does not affect his edge in the round, in the low-power field, Ma Liang is a relatively easy landlord warrior!I am durian, love games, love you more!What do you think of these civilian generals?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!PS: Thank you for reading ~~ the original is not easy, just by hand, if you like, click on it