Pregnancy got hemorrhoids absolutely can’t be used casually, these methods can help you safe pain

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“Ten pregnant mother nine hemorrhoids” is not exaggerating, the data show that 85% women suffer from internal hemorrhoids during the first pregnancy or delivery or aggravate the original internal hemorrhoids, the more times of pregnancy, the higher the incidence of hemorrhoids.With the implementation of the national three-child policy, pregnant women hemorrhoids must also be paid attention to!Compared with others, a pregnant woman got hemorrhoids must be more careful to use, because a lot of hemorrhoids drugs contain is not conducive to the fetus, but if turned a deaf ear to hemorrhoids, also make a pregnant woman pain and affect the normal development of the fetus, so when the pregnant woman in stool, hemorrhoids early symptoms such as pain, itching, don’t his medication, try these methods, safe and effective.How to quickly relieve pain of pregnancy and hemorrhoids bidet treatment method for warm water or warm saline bidet, about 5-10 minutes each time.The sit-bath position should be careful not to have any squeeze on the fetus and body.Regular warm bath can improve blood circulation around the anus.After massage anal defecation, wash the part with warm water first, then gently press the anus and the area around the anus with a warm towel, massage 15 times clockwise and counterclockwise, which can enhance the muscle strength of the pelvic floor and facilitate the blood circulation around the anus, reduce pain and dare to also facilitate defecation.These two methods can directly act on the anus, promote blood circulation and relieve pain, but want to let hemorrhoids completely “obedient”, pregnancy should do this, start with good living habits, reduce the burden of the chrysanthemum.Pregnancy to develop good habits reasonable diet diet should be thick and thin collocation, drink more water.Drink less strong tea, coffee, wine and eat less spicy fried food, reduce the stimulation of anal canal.To choose root vegetables, fruits and brown rice and other dietary fiber food, cellulose can be used as stool expansion agent in the large intestine to absorb moisture and expansion, increase the weight and volume of stool, and can soften stool, stimulate peristalsis of intestinal wall, increase the meaning of stool, and accelerate the operation of stool in the intestinal tract, so as to facilitate smooth stool.Water inside compensatory water compensates inadequacy, constipation can aggravate, because moisture is inadequacy, excrement cannot form, and excrement is too little, cannot stimulate rectum to produce contraction, also do not have then meaning to produce.Therefore, adding water is an important method to relieve constipation.Avoid lying sedentary outdoor activities, can enhance physical fitness, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and increase appetite, prevent constipation.When sleeping at the same time, take the left side lying position as far as possible, reduce the pressure of rectal vein, conduce to the blood reflux of the lower body, avoid blood stasis.Regular defecation 1 times a day, each squatting toilet time should not exceed 5 minutes, such as a clean, can get up after a proper rest, squatting toilet can not read books, newspapers and play mobile phones;Don’t push too hard when defecating.Do more anal lifting exercises 3 times a day, 30 times each time, can improve local blood circulation, enhance the muscle strength of the pelvic floor, conducive to defecation and prevention of hemorrhoids.Also can often do anal massage to improve local blood circulation.Pregnancy got hemorrhoids need not be embarrassed, positive conditioning can improve, if more serious, prolapse, hematochezia for several days, in time to the hospital for anorectal examination, correct response, protect yourself at the same time, but also to protect the fetus in the abdomen!If this article is useful to you, please like, bookmark or recommend it to your friends and follow it