Our county held a symposium on the development of new energy industry

2022-05-05 0 By

On February 24, fan Kai, member of the standing Committee of the County Party Committee and deputy head of the county, presided over a symposium on the development of the county’s new energy industry.City energy bureau director Wei Hongzhou attended the meeting.Gao Jianwei, deputy head of the county, Ma Jun, member of the party Working Committee and deputy director of the management committee of the development zone, and responsible persons of relevant units and enterprises attended the meeting.At the meeting, Gao Jianwei reported our pumped storage project and new energy development ideas, Ma Jun reported the fuyu project energy conservation review procedures and countermeasures, related enterprise leaders respectively on the project progress made a brief report.Wei hongzhou stressed that Yushe county should strengthen awareness, seize opportunities, speed up the development of new energy industry, promote all-round high-quality development of county economy.We need to do concrete and detailed work to create a good environment for the development of the new energy industry.It is necessary to strengthen communication and exchanges, actively understand relevant policies, clarify the orientation of goals, and build up strong joint efforts to continuously promote the in-depth development of the new energy industry.County leaders said that Yushe county will strictly in accordance with the spirit of the symposium, refine the task objectives, clear sequence schedule, to do a good job of key projects, comprehensively promote the development of new energy industry, to contribute to the comprehensive reform of the city’s energy revolution yushe strength.Before the meeting, Wei Hongzhou and his party went deep into Huaneng Yushe power Plant, coal yard, the first heating station and the operation control room to conduct research on the work of protecting electricity heating in our county.