Ningde Normal College held a regular meeting of middle-level cadres to promote normal education project bright color

2022-05-05 0 By

On March 10, Ningde Normal University held a regular meeting of middle-level cadres in March, focusing on the “teacher education bright project” and the problems and shortcomings of the current teacher education, analyzing and studying how to further revitalize teacher education.The school leaders Xia Liangyu, Wei Yuanzhu, Jiang Chaobing, Yan Guiyang, Zhang Shengquan, Chen Wangyu attended the meeting, and the heads of all departments and the party and government of the secondary colleges attended the meeting.The meeting pointed out that over the past 60 years, the university has been providing high-quality teachers to local schools, and the implementation of the “Brightening Project of Teacher education” is not only to fulfill the basic responsibilities entrusted to the school by the Ministry of Education, but also to revive the tradition and advantages of the school over the past 60 years.The meeting stressed that, first, to high position, each unit to grasp the policy guidance, recognize the current situation of higher education development and the development of the school, improve the ideological understanding, standing in the height of the sustainable development of the school, maintain concentration, heart with love to run normal education well, for local training qualified basic teachers.Second, strong guidance, focus on the problem of the short board, from the organizational structure, system and mechanism, conditions guarantee, teacher optimization, evaluation and other aspects of the guidance to crack, highlighting positive incentives and reverse constraints, to ensure that the work is effective.We should return to the normal, professional and professional nature of normal education, improve and optimize the mode of talent training, improve the quality of normal university students, improve the structural contradictions on the supply side, and strive to train local qualified teachers.Third, we need practical grasp of standard pays special attention to emphasizing teachers’ professional certification, deepening the reform of education teaching, improve teachers, perfect the evaluation reform, build famous project, completes the education subjects and course construction, skill training center construction and the normal education culture construction, efforts to improve the quality of students employment, seize opportunities, meet challenges, promote the school normal education work on a new step.The heads of departments such as the department of Development and Regulation, the Department of Academic Affairs, the Department of Science and Engineering, the Department of Personnel, the Department of Scientific research, the School of Education and Art and the School of Mathematics and science reported the problems existing in the current normal education and the thinking and measures for the next step, and the leaders in charge of the school combined with the work in charge of the emphasis and deployment.(Correspondent: Zhuo Xiaoxia, Ningde Normal University)